10 Turquoise Home Decor Ideas: Simple and Beautiful!

Helloshabby.com -- Turquoise is a new way to incorporate blue and green. You can present turquoise color elements as home decorating ideas. In color psychology, turquoise has the meaning of emotional balance, stability, calmness and patience. It is a great idea to bring such as positive vibe into your home. 

Turquoise including as one of the soft tone colors, so it is very suitable paired with other soft colors, such as pink or any kind of pastel colors. It can make the house feel full of joy and looks so sweet. So, if you're kind interested to apply this color at home, it never hurts to see 10 Turquoise Home Decor Ideas: Simple and Beautiful! 

Exterior design in white and turquoise

by: kikidian_ang

Turquoise is a color that can really grab your attention. That's why, you'll need a visual balancer to make turquoise home decor looks good and not overboard. You can apply turquoise as wall paint color, then it is right thing to do to combine it with white furniture, such the bench, the door, the window sills to some potted plants. 

Simple but unique living room design 

Usually, a living room needs a sofa. You can make the living room look more unique with an attractive sofa choice. For example, egg wicker sofa set. This sofa has a slightly curved shape to give the comfort of sitting. The frame of the sofa also looks unique with strong nets that are tightly arranged and strong. And the most important is the sofa has a padded pad in turquoise color and a beautiful floral pattern. 

Fresh and Cute Decor 

by: kikidian_ang

Not just calm, the homeowner want to present a fresh atmosphere and cute impression. That's why, the homeowner put some artificial greenery to make the room feel so fresh. Next to the sofa, we see that there is a turquoise cage rack with adorable little plant pots. And don't forget the mini aquarium to display the betta fish in the living room. 

A sweet, shabby chic TV room

For the TV room, the homeowner want to present a more feminine impression to the room. Some soft furnishings in a sweet shabby pink color are placed in this room.  Start from the soft rugs in pink and pastel colors, the pink soft pad, and a sweet pink curtain. That way, the TV room is so soft, relaxed, romantic that looks comfortable and inviting. 

Practical divider 

by: kikidian_ang

Well, if you need something to divide two spaces, consider to use a display cabinet. Pick one that has a high design so that it fits to be used as a partition. In addition to separate the spaces, you can place your things in order. 

A cozy bedroom design 

The design of the bedroom is simple. The large bed was removed, replaced with a wooden bed that supported the mattress perfectly. This is done to make the room more spacious and airy. Furthermore, turquoise color elements are placed on the selection of mattress sheets and throws, turquoise color is also used as a highlight color on the wall painting. 

A minimalist dry kitchen 

by: kikidian_ang

Too much turquoise things will make the space look monotonous. So, the homeowner chose to present a white and black kitchen furniture to avoid the monotonous look. A smoke-free kitchen is decorated in a minimalist way. Just place some greenery to make the kitchen atmosphere feel so fresh. 

The turquoise curtain and DIY wall decor 

This hallway kitchen is used as a wet kitchen, where all the heavy cooking takes places. There is no cabinet under the countertop. Therefore, the space under the countertops is covered with tiny curtains. This turquoise curtains make the kitchen look neat as well as seem beautiful. Another decor idea is to hang some vines on the wall.  You can make one by using a used water bottle as a medium to plant the vine. 

Turquoise water tube

There is no right or wrong, if you're still using a squat toilet. All depend on the comfort and habits. You can make the bathroom with a squat toilet look better than ever by using a unique water tube. Choose a terrazzo water tube that has a wave texture. Moreover, this terrazzo water tube has a turquoise color that make the bathroom look better than others.

These are 10 Turquoise Home Decor Ideas: Simple and Beautiful! You can adapt one or more ideas into your home. The turquoise things will make add some sparks at your space. 

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : instagram/kikidian_ang

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