7 Beautiful Living Room Pictures and Ideas

7 Beautiful Living Room Pictures and Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- A beautiful living room is not measured by how large it is. But with an attractive design, the selection of appropriate interior paint. The living room will also emit a positive effect and a charming atmosphere. The role of the living room is very important to welcome guests or families who come. Treating guests who come to the house also need a beautiful welcome from the living room in the living. That way, why the living room is important enough to be arranged neatly and give a big influence to all residents or guests who come.

What kind of living room design are you interested in? Do not hesitate to choose, you can see a little discussion about the living room below!

The living room is full of surprise


A simple arrangement with a dominant distinctive color gives a warm and soft effect on this living room. The use of sectional sofas full of relief can be chosen to maximize your small living room at home. Without reducing the impression of beautiful, you can add beautiful decoration in the form of a unique model chandelier form natural rattan.


Beautiful with contemporary concepts


Choosing a living room with a contemporary concept is quite often done for design in the house. Like this contemporary-style living room, you can give bright colors on display or furniture complements such as cushions and others. Combine with bright colors such as a soft orange peach and give a positive effect to the interior of the house.


A charming combination of soft pink and pastel


So that a small or a large living room in the house looks dancing, the use of soft colors such as pink can be an option. Clean impression and warm look will blend the entire living room in the house. Welcome again from the wall in the form of beautiful displays that you can add to get cheerful impression that is not easily bored.


Purple is the king


In addition to minimalist white, lilac colors, you can choose to get a beautiful living room design that is charming. The ability of purple color that can conjure a simple living room to be more luxurious. Moreover, you try to combine with classic furniture style, of course your living room is the choice of many people.


Modern minimalist living room with a warm atmosphere


The living room reflect how the owner is. The impression of modern minimalism, you can use to get the concepts of a beautiful living room. The dominance of gray sofa furniture with velvet fabric adds a soft look with a multi-pieced and padded sofa backrest. You can get around the decoration with ornamental plants or white flowers such as peace lily that brings peaces to your interior.


Living room with a beautiful corner


Not only as a guest, it's good that the living room you van design with a beautiful arrangement and look. Like utilizing the empty side of the wall, you can make another functional by adding a storage cabinet. Maximize both sides of the sofa to avoid the impression of empty and boring.


Luxurious living room expensive gold decorations


The design of the living room with the selection of warm colors of gold shades is very mirroring the expensive and classy decor. This combination of modern minimalist interior concepts can change an empty living room to be more neatly arranged with decoration that are not excessive. To create a fresh atmosphere in the living room, you can use the corner to put ornamental plants or other refreshing decorations.

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