6 Kitchen designs with plant ideas

Helloshabby.com -- You can decorate the kitchen with some plants. The plants work as air purifier and decoration that make the kitchen feel better. The plants can create a natural ambience to the kitchen.  Indoor plants will also add a splash of color and style to the kitchen. It is a good idea to make the kitchen more breathable and pleasant to look at. 

So, if you need some ideas to decorate a kitchen with plants, here are 6 Kitchen designs with plant ideas.

1. A large plant in the kitchen


Make a big statement in the kitchen by placing a big statement plants like a Monstera, Philodendron and more. Those plants have a large and unique leaves that make the kitchen more stylish. The best idea to place this kind of plant is in the corner or a spot that is rarely passed, for example the corner of the kitchen space. 

2. Best plant with best position 


When decorating the kitchen with plants, pick the best plants that match with the kitchen design. If you have a minimalist kitchen, it is a good choice to pick smaller plants, like monstera adansonii, aloe vera, and golden pothos. Those plants can live in low light condition with simple treatment. 

Don't forget to choose the best position for the plants. Avoid putting plants near the stove. The heat of the stove can make the plant wither and burn. You can put the plants in the floating shelf or any spot away from splashing oil and heat of the stove

3. Match color of your house plant pots with the kitchen furniture 


There are many ways to decorate a kitchen plant. For a more stylish kitchen, match colors of the plant pots with interior design color and kitchen decor. Terracotta pots and woven pots look in line with kitchen furniture and decor in natural brown color. The greenery also look very stunning on bright background. The matching plant and interior kitchen design bring a splash of live to this kitchen. 

4. Bring tropical vibe to the minimalist kitchen


This minimalist kitchen is deliberately conceptualized with a green tropical vibe. Some tropical stickers are taped to the refrigerator and onion rack holder, featuring Calatea Luthea plants and adorable-looking green cacti stickers. There is a mini rug in the form of foliage that completes the look of this kitchen. 

Various houseplants are also brought to the  kitchen. The houseplant is placed in a safe area for growing plants, for example on top of refrigerator and on metal ram shelves. The plant is safe from the heat and making the kitchen looks fresh. 

5. Growing vines in the kitchen


Brighten up the kitchen space by growing vines. Let the vines (golden pothos) grow along the kitchen wall up to the ceiling. The vines will enliven the kitchen space and making your kitchen look aesthetic than others. Grow the vines in the spot near the kitchen window or skylight. Enough sunlight will make the vines thrive in lushly in your kitchen.

6. Rooftop kitchen with edible plants


Bring a fresh and fun experience by designing a rooftop kitchen. Some are said edible plant like herbs and fruits are an obvious choice for kitchen plants. You can grow vine in the rooftop kitchen. Let the vine grow and bear fruit. When it's thrived, the vine will make a rooftop kitchen more shady. And the fun thing is you can eat ripe grape, while cooking or relaxing in the kitchen. 

Those are our 6 kitchen designs with plant ideas to help you decorate your kitchen. What do you think? Will try one in your kitchen? Leave your comment on Facebook Home Design Picture!

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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