7 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home With Pink Decor


7 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home With Pink Decor

Helloshabby.com -- Are you having fun decorating a lot of colors? Or just one color? In this inspiration, some easy ways to apply pink in the decoration of the room or outside the house can be the latest idea you choose. Starting from the combination of colors, or the same color without having to take a big risk. You can see what is suitable to apply in your home appropriately, modern and beautiful. Check out 7 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home With Pink Decor below.

The facade of the house with maximum view

For lovers of pink, none other that the exterior are of the house is always the first area full of decorations. With strong pink walls applied thoroughly. Beautiful combination are very easy to mix, you can use some minimalist white for doors, window or chairs as a complement to furniture. Observe carefully also the terrace floors, so that the combination is not boring and becomes the most important complement.


The perfect pink wall

With a smooth look, the design of the terrace using pink on this exterior wall, you can make the appearance narrowing. You can give another soft color from the floor with geometric motif and ornamental plants to neutralize the area. The last decoration, put a beautiful hanging model chair to accompany the relaxed atmosphere outdoors.

Beautiful blend with pink strawberry

Make the appearance of the interior of your home different form the exterior. Pink color that is not used thoroughly like this terrace, you can change the use of furniture, cushion, doormat, tablecloth and others. Choose a strong and concentrated pink strawberry color to combine a beautiful white interior. Decorations like this will make you room more stylish.


Stylish and thorough pink in the interior of the house

The overall interior of the pink house, you can try to apply to some furniture and room decor. Sofa, curtains to carpet you can mix with other colors that are soft. So, decorations like that will make your room look more spacious and beautiful.

Unique pink furniture

If the interior of a space such as the wall is not enough to display the overall pink color. You can add texture and pattern to some parts such as table furniture, carpets or curtains. Choose also with a unique pattern that is crowded like the carpet. Monotonous appearance will be avoided.

Minimalist bedroom design in pink

For the bedroom, you can apply pink color, not with a strong application. Such as the wall, of this soft pink floral motif can also add a decorative touch to an increasingly stylish room.

Small laundry room

Pink color can be applied to a room that is small such as this laundry room. Although very simple, you can give a shabby theme using charming chic equipment, such as a washing machine cover if pink fabric or an attractive cabinet with pink accents.

Thank you for reading the inspiration of this interior with pink decor. You can continue to read helloshabby.com with other interesting ideas. May this inspiration be useful :)

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