6 Tiny House Designs That are Amazingly Affordable

Helloshabby.com -- Tiny houses are a solution to provide easy, affordable and sustainable housing. If in your state, a tiny house is legal, you can build one to have a simple and essential life. A tiny house usually has a maximum floor area of 37 square meters (400 square feet, excluding loft).  This kind of house is perfect for those of you who have limited budget, but you want to have a comfortable dwelling unit. 


A homey interior design with loft bed 


Loft design is a wonderful idea for a tiny house. You will gain more floor space vertically. Loft interior design allows you to create more space in the same place. A living room, a kitchen and a loft bedroom. Interior arrangement uses a minimalist concept that keeps it spacious and bright.

Loft Bed Design


Having a loft interior design make you easier to divide the space. The lower space can be used as a public spaces, such as living room and kitchen. While the upper space, it can be used for a personal bedroom.  This loft bedroom brought a Scandinavian theme as the main concept. Amazingly, it makes the bedroom space look more spacious and airy. 

A tiny kitchen design


Of course, for a tiny house, a small minimalist kitchen design is also more suitable to be applied. A simple countertop with sink is enough as a place to prepare, cook and wash the dishes. On the side of space, you can place a small floating table with tiny stools to enjoy the dish while watching the outdoor scenery.  

A safe loft bed design 


This article includes several interior designs of different tiny houses. If the previous loft room designs, using wooden railings as a barrier and safety. In addition to wood railings, you can use denser barriers such as white painted concrete. With this kind of barrier like this, you don't have to worry about falling from a height while you fall asleep. 

A cozy nook 


Don't worry, even if you live in a tiny house, you still able to have a cozy nook. On this design, a nook is built next to the kitchen area. The design is made multistory so that it looks on a line with the kitchen table. A good tiny house has a more ventilation and glass window that'll help the lighting and air conditioning in the loft room. 

A tiny house for a large family 


A tiny house with more than one bedroom. It is good enough for family occupancy. The loft area can be used as an extra bedroom. While the lower space, there is still a room that can be used as the master bedroom. For the efficiency, you can design a bathroom close to the kitchen and bedroom. 

A dream tiny house 


A tiny house design will encourage you to enjoy the simple and essential living style. But, of course, you still want to have a dwelling unit that look aesthetically pleasing, right? That's why, when you need some partition to divide the space between the living room and kitchen, we suggest you to create a high and slender open cabinet. This storage allows you to display some decorations. It also divides the space perfectly. 

All of them somehow look so amazing. It represents a simpler living and eco-friendly solution. If you are interested in a tiny house concept, it's good to consult to the expert. 

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