7 Step to Landscape a Garden From Scratch


7 Step to Landscape Ideas for Front and Backyards

Helloshabby.com -- Need a new atmosphere to cope with the busyness of a house that is too crowded with a feeling of calm? No need with extra effort to create it in the home environment, you can create your own landscape design to get a fresh and fun new life. To create a landscape, of course, you need a way that can be done for beginners. Well how, just look at the 7 steps to create a landscape from the beginning below!


Make a wish list


The first thing you can do to create a landscape is to decide which areas can be designed with the landscape. In addition, you can consider some decorations and styling. The landscape will be made as a garden or a children's playground.

Understand the character of the environment


So that your creation a beautiful and functional landscape. The introduction of the landscape environment around the house needs to be known. Understand the type of soil, water sources to solar and wind patterns in the home environment. If you have a landscape behind the house, be sure to maximize the maximum distribution without having to use a roof cover.

Feel the land


The next term often by landscape architects is how to know and understand the characteristics of the landscape to be designed. By understanding the character of the landscape, you can infer yourself about the page and direct to suitable options that are easily developed.

Star with a small thing


Before creating a landscape at home, you can develop the plant and process that goes through. You can start from a small plot and give it a house or two a day to work on the landscape. Create periodic landscape design, ranging from choosing the right plants or filling empty land with natural stone.


Do that be an important focus


For beginners, when designing landscape, be sure to focus on what will be designed. You can use some artwork such as stone carvings or unique plants that attract the eye. Landscape identity will be interesting if it has one near focal point in its life.

Focus on scale and tempo


The next thing that can be done is to give the landscape with an attractive look and combine other variations such as shape, color size to plants that are high. To be more complete, you can explore several elements in different variations to get a prominent landscape design.


Make changes


The last step you can take when creating landscape is to know the rapid changes. You have to adjust the landscape design of what is currently trending, to get your beautiful landscape without a hitch. Then you must be careful and patient when designing a beautiful landscape refreshing at home.

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