7 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping Ideas

7 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping Ideas


Helloshabby.com -- One way to increase the attractiveness of occupancy, the landscape, is the solution. There are many things you can do when you have one area to create a beautiful and impressive landscape. You can choose in the front yard, back, even a tiny space under the void area. As a reference enhancer, check out the following 7 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping ideas!

Frame of land front porch of the house


The first area that is very easy to create landscape is the front garden of the house. You can simply cover the yard with ornamental grass and one tree to create and attractive house. Give one plot to make the walkway to the terrace of the house is easy when walking.


Create a dry garden concept in the corner of the house


So that the small land a round the house is not wasted, you can create a dry garden concept that provides interesting effect and visuals. Besides being cheap and easy to try. You only need to use the edge of the wall to make it a place for plants. In addition, add coral rocks as a land cover for an aesthetic touch.


Pay attention to the imagination in the landscape area


By paying attention to the lighting around the landscape, of course, it can help the growth of plants below. Although only using the wall as a place for plants, you can combine it again with natural rocks as a beautiful visual support. To prevent animals from entering the surrounding area, you can install a canopy for good lighting during the day without being exposed to the sun directly.


Landscape without grass


So that your budget is not reduced quickly, the front area is very much the best choice to create a landscape at home. You just need to raise the elevation of the yard as high as 10 cm and let the ornamental plants continue neatly on it like this. To be comfortable to walk, you can replace ceramics or by choosing tiles from rough natural rocks.


Add a limiting element


As a way to distinguish vegetate and occupancy limits. Using natural stone that is neatly arranged on the edge like this can be an alternative rather than using other means. In addition to unique and add character, this minimalist landscape you can use as another area such as yoga at the end of the week.


Small landscape under void area


If you have a void area that is wide open, consider creating a small garden like this. Small garden design in the house like this will add a fresher home character even with a small size. Design with the concept of dry gardens that only need natural rocks and ornamental plants arranged neatly in pots or using vines. 


Add a walkway



So that the appearance of your small landscape is more beautiful and aesthetic, you can make a walkway so that attractive visuals improve the look and create a unique entrance. Prepare a small land to make a fresh garden design with ornamental Calathea Luthea.

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