7 Green Living Room Ideas with Refreshing Style

Helloshabby.com -- We would like to say that green is one of the best color that never dies. In terms of home decor ideas, although the color trend is increasingly popping up and changing, but the green color will never be forgotten. More and green enthusiast for home decor ideas with more refreshing and new style. 

Green is one of the most popular colors used in room decorations. The living space that often uses green for interior design is the living room. The green things will spruce up the living room. It also has a board range options that make you more creative with the green schemes that you like. 

If you need some new inspirations about green living room, here are 7 Green Living Room Ideas with Refreshing Style.

Vibrant Green Living Room 


Inject freshness and joy into the living room with refreshing green color combinations. Striped white and green wallpaper give a vibrant and lively impression to the room. While the emerald couch mute the atmosphere that makes the room isn't too excessive in green light color. All green things are balanced by white things, so it won't make the living room become too green.

Moss Green Living Room  


Paint the wall in moss green color will present you a soothing living room vibe. When you use wall paint with darker tone, then the furniture in the room must be in a lighter color. You can choose white for the mounted shelf, windows and frames. Complete it by choosing a wood-based floor such as parquet floor to give the impression of a cozy and homey living room. 

A Dark and Light Combination


There are many choices of green colors that you can apply to the living room. However, keep an eye on the color combinations you use. When the walls tend to be polished with a bright lime green color, use furniture in a darker tone. That way, the living room with shades of green have a more dynamic visual.  

Bright Green Living Room 


Want to create a fresh and bright impression into the living room? If so, lime green combined with white can be the right choice. Lime green color on the couch with green rug with geometric patterns gives the impression of a fresh and aesthetic living room. The placement of a trapezoidal shelf in the all-green living room also provides a more modern and sophisticated touch. Bright color combinations will create a playful vibe into the living room. 

Green Walls and Earthy Tone Couch


Somehow, green is a versatile color. It will look good to be paired in other natural colors. You can pick the sofa set in a dark earth color like this. This sofa also has a wooden frame that make it look more natural. The lighting is made more unique with hidden lighting with a calming dim effect. 

Green and Geometric Wall Art


Have fun with a living room wall in creative shades of green. This geometric wall art pop against the chartreuse walls. This art act as a focal point the living room, that makes your living room more fresh, playful and far away from gloomy impression.  Some pattern on the geometric wall art use an orange color that act as contrast color, it gives a more colorful living room look. 

Have Fun with Green Furniture 


If you want to make a fresh green living room, you don't need to paint the wall on the green or placing all-green things in the room. In a room with white walls, it is a nice idea to place only some pieces of green furniture. You can pick the sofa set, the shelves and the wall decor in green color. Balance the green by choosing furniture design made of wood elements. 

So, those are 7 Green Living Room Ideas with Refreshing Style.

Hopefully those ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about green living room ideas with refreshing style. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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