7 Best Decor Bedroom Stylish and Artistic

7 Best Decor Bedroom Stylish and Artistic

Helloshabby.com -- The specialty of the bedroom can not be underestimated, especially with a monochrome color palette that makes the owner will add another color. Because the bedroom becomes a place of rest, it requites a warm atmosphere and healthy eyes. Through this attractive interior and decor, you can choose some attractive, stylish and perfect bedroom themes.


Green bedroom decor ideas

Between wall decorations and sleeping pillows, do not look gloomy. Dark gray and black colors can be a combination with other contrasting colors. One of them is green with a natural white touch for your small bedroom.


Attractive minimalist bedroom design

A beautiful blend of interior walls combined with pastel blue bed covers gives a beautiful texture with a spaced polka dot motif. Soft colors with a touch of minimal decoration will be very special if combined with several other precise combinations.


Bedroom design with charming lighting and patterned ceiling

Formed with mature and maximum lighting, the bedroom with an attractive geometric patterned ceiling is very strong with the bed cover used. Especially with lighting in the middle of a stylish space, memorable to add lighting with a romantic feel. But keep and eye on the windows as the main vent that opens fresh.


Elegant purple shade bedroom design

By using the dominant pastel color purple, the walls to the bed mattress are chosen purple to make this bedroom style more tightly unique elegant style. Some futuristic decorations of homemade chandeliers will beautify the room with colorful decorations.


Futuristic bedroom design patterned walls

The combination of purple and blue colors for the bedroom should match the entire space, such as furniture and bedroom walls. Add a futuristic touch to the wall of geometry patterns that add the texture of the bedroom is increasingly durable.


Feminine and contrasting bedroom

All bedroom design and decor are carefully designed to create a harmonious and sustainable atmosphere. The contrasting bedroom in the ceiling uses purple with a feminine bedroom atmosphere pink and flowering. For other furniture, you can feel the atmosphere with neutral colors such as white or beige on the floor of the room.


Bedroom decor with stylish motifs


To restore the attractive look of the bedroom, you can flexibly have a bed cover and blanket with bright colors. As with the minimalist Mediterranean motifs of the white base with soft blue. All family members can visit this room to be together and move freely. 

Hopefully those  bedroom ideas is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about bedroom idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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