7 Ways to Protect Your Home From Termites

Helloshabby.com -- Termites are one of the problems that are often found in houses or furniture made of wood. Termites are annoying, the presence of this insect also makes home materials and wooden furniture becomes rotten and not durable. 

There are many ways to eradicate termites from the home. However, it is better to avoid the use of anti-termite chemical drugs that can pose health risks. Conversely, how to repel termites naturally is considered safer. For those of you who live in a wooden house or have a lot of wooden furniture, here are 7 Ways to Protect Your Home From Termites

1. More ventilation is better


Termites tend to like damp places and lack of sunlight. If you have a house with a lot of wooden furniture, then the first way to protect your homes from termites is to build adequate ventilation, so that sunlight can enter every corner of the house. The more sunlight comes in, then your room will be dry, fresh and not damp. That way, wooden furniture won't be easily eaten by termites. 

2. Drying wooden furniture in the sun 


Drying wooden furniture in the sun is a way of preventing and handling furniture from termite attacks. Wooden furniture that you have must be sunbathed regularly in the sun. Sunbathe for a long time, so that furniture is always dry and not liked by termites. In addition, also use wood varnish for furniture. Do this periodically to prevent furniture to avoid the wooden furniture moisture easily.  This method is also powerful to repel termites that have attacked wooden furniture.

3. Close the cracks on each side of the house


Check the condition of the house periodically to prevent termites entering the house. This is to identify any cracks in the walls, floor and wooden furniture. The existence of these cracks will be an entryway for termites. The fewer termites, the easier it is to repel them. But you will be overwhelmed to find a way to eradicate it when termite colonies have formed. 

If there is a cracked on the floor or wall, immediately cover the crack with an adequate mixture of materials. That way, termites won't have access to damage your wooden furniture. 

4. Put a distance between the furniture and the walls


If the house is dominated by wooden furniture, it is better to give a distance between the furniture and the walls. For example, placing wooden cabinets is not always attached to the wall, but it can be slightly more advanced than the wall. This method is very effective and useful to eradicate termites that enter the house by wooden media. 

5. Lowering the room temperature 


Termites do like temperature that tend to be humid, but you can occasionally reset the room temperature. Extreme temperature changes and sudden will make termites die suddenly. Therefore, arrange the air conditioner of the room that has wooden furniture in it with the lowest temperature. It's a pretty easy way to do it without having to put in the effort. The termites also will immediately disappear. 

6. Using natural exterminator liquids


There are some natural liquids that you can use to repel or prevent termites from entering the house. Among them: (1) a used rice laundry water that can be sprayed on a place where many termites colonies, (2) soapy water has ability to interfere with the termite's respiratory system, (3) salt water will make termites limp and die slowly, and (4) the content of orange oil can help to eradicate termites. 

7. Effective preventive: Choose quality wood 


One of the preventive steps that you can do is to have a type of wood that is not easily eaten by termites. This includes:
  • Teak wood, as one the best wood, teak wood has its strength and resistance to termites. 
  • Ironwood is waterproof, so it is not easily eaten by insects or termites.
  • Malacca teak is not easily eaten by termites and is not easily moldy.
  • Silk tree classifies as a type of wood with strong quality, which is resistant to termites. 
  • Synthetic wood such as wood-plank, vinyl is usually very disliked by termites

Hopefully those 7 Ways to Protect Your Home From Termites is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about  ways to protect the home from termites. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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