7 Free Garden Design Ideas and Plans

7 Free Garden Design Ideas and Plans

Helloshabby.com -- One of the advantage of minimalist garden design is the combination of simple and no-more design. But it still looks beautiful and refreshing. To have a beautiful garden. You can make the garden at home freely without obstacles with a beautiful arrangement. Although on land that is not too large, using various ways to make a garden can be compromised with the services of garden makers around your home. 

Just look at the easy and free garden design below.


Balcony as a garden


Choosing to create a garden anywhere is not a problem, as ling as the garden can provide freshness to the house. Like the garden design that you can try in the balcony area like this. The arrangement is easy without having to cover the land with ornamental grass or natural rocks. You simply arrange each plant in the balcony area with planting shelves or just a pot.


Garden next to the house


The next land that can be used to make a garden is next to the house. Even with a small land, the greenness of the selected plants can be a natural refreshment to the home environment. Create a beautiful garden design, you can stay directly on the ground and be on the edge of the walls of the house like this that is neatly arranged.


Beautiful terrace of the house


One area of the house that can be used to make a garden is the terrace. The arrangement of plant neatly lined in pots with different plant variations makes the home environment fresher. No need to bother to design it, you just line the plants on the edge of the terrace. Moreover, the lighting can still enter because it is near the yard of the house.


Natural aesthetic garden


Maybe the following garden design is quite different from previous design. Use of vacant land around the house. You can cover the open ground with natural rocks as a double catchment in the rainy season. The choice of plants that are easy to care for and suitable to be placed in the outdoors such as monsteras, fern, Anthurium or other large tress that add to the increasingly shady home area.


Combination of the garden with the fishpond


One of making the park in the environment will be more appropriate when combined with the water element around it. Like a fishpond made along the border of a house building surrounded by various beautiful ornamental plants. Park design such as the urban jungle concept like this will be very suitable if applied to housing in areas of the city that pollute a lot. So that ornamental plants can absorbs pollution around the house naturally.


Minimalist open landscape


Having the rest of the land is not too large to make the home garden very easy. You just simply cover the land with synthetic grass that adds beautiful visuals with a combinations of fishponds or mini waterfalls around it. Also place some ornamental plants around the landscape to add a more beautiful fresh air.


Minimalist garden around the pool


The following areas can be a favorite choice of many people. Simple garden design and neat arrangement is seen from beautiful arrangement of ornamental plants on the edge of the pond. The cool and shady atmosphere is felt and makes the mind calm and swimming around here. Cambodian ornamental trees are chosen to provide sunlight filtration directly to the pool area so that the cool atmosphere is felt.

Hopefully those garden is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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