7 Modern and Space-Saving Kitchen Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Anyone would want to have a beautiful and neat kitchen. Creating a beautiful kitchen doesn't always cost you a lot of budget and space. There are a variety of ways to create a modern and space-saving kitchen. You can start from the kitchen layout, kitchen furniture design option to maximize the often neglected kitchen areas. That way, every space of the kitchen will function properly. You can also have a kitchen that looks more attractive and comfortable when used. 

So, if you need inspirations to create modern and space-saving kitchen designs, here are 7 Modern and Space-Saving Kitchen Ideas.

Save more space and money without upper cabinet


When determining the design and furniture of the kitchen, also recognize the need for storage of kitchen appliances. If there are not much cooking furniture that need to be stored, you can replace the top cabinet with a floating shelf to store only cooking seasoning. This way you save on budget and making the kitchen looks more spacious.

Take advantage of baskets for storage 


Want to have a small, vibrant and space-saving kitchen design? You can adapt this kind of kitchen design into your home. The upper cabinet is replaced with floating shelves. On the top of the floating shelf is placed neatly arranged baskets. Between one basket with another basket is placed adorable little decorations. The presence of spotlights also adds an exotic impression to this kitchen. 

Another floating shelf for space-saving kitchen ideas


In terms of kitchen set design, this kitchen model does not use the top cabinet. The cabinet is replaced with a floating rack mounted following the dimensions of the kitchen wall. Kitchen model without top cabinet is quite practical and budget-efficient. These floating shelves are not only suitable for putting cutlery and cooking seasoning, you can also display decorative things to beautify. 

A simple cabinet to keep the kitchen things in order


Other than cabinet under and top the countertop table, you can keep your things in order in the cabinet. This is very practical to keep your kitchen look neat and clean.  Arrange the items in the cabinet neatly, so that it is easier for you when picking up the necessary items. 

Kitchen under the stairs


Make use of space under the stairs as minimalist and space-saving kitchen design. You can make the kitchen layout according to the dimension of space under the kitchen, for example L-shaped kitchen layout. For the finishing look, the homeowner choose white look with little beige color. The white look makes the kitchen seem clean and spacious.

Practical Push Cabinet


Choose a storage cabinet design or plate rack that also saves space. Let's say a plate rack made with this vertical model. This rack is equipped with a buffer so that the plates you keep are held and not easily fall. 

Kitchen design with under-countertop table storage


Have one wall kitchen design? Don't worry. You can make it look as good as the kitchen above. This kitchen makes good use of the space under the kitchen countertop table as a storage to keep the kitchen appliances. That way, there's not a lot of messy kitchen furniture in the kitchen table area. All you have to do is choose a sweet kitchen curtain, like the one above. So, the space under the kitchen countertop is neatly closed.

Hopefully those 7 Modern and Space-Saving Kitchen Ideas  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about kitchen design ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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