7 Ways to Decorate With Pink in the Bathroom

Helloshabby.com -- Say goodbye by to boring bathroom design. Incorporate and decorate a pink thing in your bathroom will add splash of color into your boring bathroom. It is the best if you combine with a matching color or matching thing that makes the bathroom look beautiful than ever. Don't worry, by decorating the pink things in the proper way, the bathroom won't look tacky or childish. In fact, you will get an elegant pink bathroom at home.

Specially prepare for pink enthusiasts, here are 7 Ways to Decorate With Pink in the Bathroom.

Pink Shower Curtain 


Instead of a shower screen, you can choose a shower curtain. Moreover, if you are such a pink lover, choose a pink shower curtain. There are many pink curtains with various design out there. If you like such as pop artist/musician, it's good to choose a curtain that has a picture of your favorite artist on it. 

The Blush Pink and Turquoise 


Incorporate pink color is one of the best ways to make a small bathroom look nice and cozy. When you're decorating a vintage pink bathroom vibe, you have a number of options of color combinations. If you want to enhance the vintage look, it's a good choice to choose turquoise. 

Pink 3-D Tile Floor


Make your bathroom more dynamic by choosing a 3-dimensional floor tile design. 3-D tiles will give a very aesthetic space look. Moreover, the choice of a combination of black and pink colors that are quite pleasant to the eyes. 3-D tile floor can also be a great idea to take your bathroom to the next level. 

Pink Painted Walls 


Pink is a great color to add a cozy glow in the bathroom. Paint the wall in soft pink color that is not strike the eye. Then, you can add gold color as accent in the pink bathroom. The gold things such as the shower, the sink faucet or a  frame mirror, those things will make the pink have an elegant look. 

Black, Pink and Some Plants 


A matte black wall, pink tile, and some greenery will make a bathroom look so stylish.  This is the best combination to present a chic, modern bathroom with a natural feel. And don't forget pink towels that will complement this kind of pink bathroom design. 

Cute Pink Decorations 


If you are a Hello Kitty enthusiast, it's okay to decorate the bathroom with some pieces of Hello Kitty furniture, such as a bath mat, a toilet seat cover, a bin and a tissue roll. Pink and Hello Kitty work as accent that make a bathroom look so adorable. 

A Pink Cabinet and little pink things


Having a bathroom with white shades can be a profitable thing. That will make it easier for you to change the look in the bathroom. When you want to have a pink look in the bathroom, you can paint the cabinet in pink. For more pink detail, pick some decorations in pink too, such as a pink bath mat, pink flowers and a pink bathroom tray. Pink and white work very well. 

Hopefully those 7 Ways to Decorate With Pink in the Bathroom are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about bathroom ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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