Green Living Room Ideas for Soothing Spaces Inspired by Nature -- Green is a fresh and soothing color. Even some people said that green it's one of the best paint color for living room. The green wall will add some splash of life to the living room. It is due as green is one of the hues of natural world. So, bring the green things to the living room can be a good idea for those of you who're seeking for soothing spaces. 

In addition to living room paint, green can be applied to some things in the living room such as the sofa, even the smallest thing that is there. You can take some green inspiration from nature. For some little green ideas that bring about big changes, keep reading for Green Living Room Ideas for Soothing Spaces Inspired by Nature

Moss green paint color idea


The first idea for a green living room for a soothing space inspired by nature is the selection of wall paint colors. If you like a neutral decorating scheme but still want to present a soothing green living room idea, you can try painting the walls in sage or mossy green. Then, choose furniture in a more deep color, such as a sofa in pine green. The combination of moss walls and pine sofas gives the living room a great look. 

Bright green decorating ideas


Green can bring positive energy to the living room. In addition to neutral green color scheme, there is also a green color scheme that looks bright. You can apply lime green to some furniture and living room decor. Lime green color can bring fresh positive energy like the nature. This color is also suitable for you to pair with other bright colors, such as light blue, yellow and even white. 

Bring artificial nature elements into the house 


Bring many natural elements into the living room. You can bring the atmosphere like a fresh mini green forest in the living room. The walls of the living room are lined with wallpaper depicting shady trees and temple reliefs in the middle of the forest. Artificial flora such as artificial bear wax sculptures to deer antler can also be presented in the living room so that the nuances of nature are very deep felt. Use artificial nature's elements only, so that the environment is not further damaged due to hunting. 

Earthy Tone Living Room Ideas


A green living room does not have to be green walls, green sofas and green decors. The combination of earthy tone living room with natural green can make your living room fresh and cozy. Create a completely fresh green living room by bringing natural green elements. You can fill the living room with greenery in some corners of the living room. The choice of large leafy foliage can be an attractive option. Plants such as calathea lutea will give a green, clear statement. 

Minimalist and small green living room ideas  


In a small living room, you should be careful applying green. Too much green without the right balancer will make your living room so crowded and monotonous. 

If you want to bring shades of green, you can combine it with white elements. Choose furniture and decorations in green and make your walls in white. It can also place a large mirror that gives the illusion of a more spacious space. 

The Green Sofa and Wooden Ceiling 


An easy way to make the living room so fresh is to get inspired by nature. A green living room design is a perfect idea. You can put a sofa without legs in dark green color. Place some greenery in some spots that can help to refresh the air around the living room. Not to forget, you can also install a wooden ceiling so that the room becomes cooler. 

Hopefully those Green Living Room Ideas for Soothing Spaces Inspired by Nature is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about green living room's ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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