Stylish But Simple Small Garden Ideas


Stylish But Simple Small Garden Ideas -- Designing a small garden on narrow land is quite challenging, still this can also be an advantage compared to large size parks in normal. Because with a small land, efforts and maintenance costs will be minimal. In addition, you can focus fully on the details of the park and what themes are suitable for you. Garden on small land is the right solution for those of you who have a small house. Well, what the idea is, check out the following review.


Take advantage of space around void areas


In a minimalist home, even void area need to built to provide refreshment into the house. Even thought the size is small, you must be smart to stare at a small garden neatly can be attractive. You can build a cabinet-accented cast rack as it looks. Use a variety of natural materials such as wood and pottery pots for plants media. So that even a small garden remains stylish and attractive like this.


Minimalist garden at the backyard


Still, but utilizing the rest of the land. You can create a garden that joins a laundry room like this. Small landscape with ornamental grass and natural rock barriers, so it is important to close the side land. Makes a sleek garden arrangement on the edge of the wall, such as Calathea or other herbal plants that are more useful.


Beautiful idea of dry garden in the backyard


So that empty areas that are small can be used properly. You can design the concept of a dry garden that uses natural stone elements as a cover of the soil. Even so, make a walkway to provide interesting visuals by decorating plants around the back of a beautiful house. Because with the concept of a dry garden, you can use cactus plants or Sansevieria that are resistant outdoors.


Dry garden concept in the corner of the house


Planting plants directly in the soil sometimes create the impression of falling apart and narrow the area. But if you use a dry concept garden that only uses cactus plants like this will be more interesting when combine with natural stone. You can maximize the corner of the house, even if it is only one plot. With the concept of outdoor guaranteed your small garden will be more aesthetic.


Small house garden concept urban jungle


There is no reason for narrow land to create a minimalist garden at home. You can choose any area that allows it to be converted into a home garden. Like this idea that uses the concepts of urban jungle by choosing a variety of lush plants that are thick green leafy. Although only along the outskirts of the house, this garden can provide freshness and aesthetics in the house is increasing.

A small garden on the balcony of the house


In addition to around the terrace and back of the house, for those of you who do not have land anymore can use the balcony of the house like this. This is usually chosen to avoid the exterior of the house or the interior is used as a garden so that it is diverted for the purposes of other rooms. But is doesn't matter. Balconies are one of the favorite place used to make a small garden by placing plants on the edge of the railings as well as beautiful from synthetic grass as a visual enhancer.


 A small garden with a fountain


Instead of beautifying around the house, placing plants excessively will cause the impression of falling apart. Therefore, you can have a small garden design with this minimalist fountain at home. Accents natural stone, gravel, water and plants into one in this small area with an open concept. So that your small garden will not be monotonous and even sweeter.

Hopefully those garden is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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