6 Amazing Garden Design Under Staircase

Helloshabby.com -- The empty space right under the stair can be useful and helpful. The most commonly used as storage in the form of cabinet storage. However, you can use it in many ways and styles. If you feel the atmosphere in the house feels stuffy and dry, you can try to create a garden under the staircase. A garden under the stairs will help the atmosphere of the space feel so cool and fresh. 

When creating a garden under the stairs, you don't really need a huge space. In fact, a small space can be turned into an amazing mini garden. If you are interested in maximizing the space under the stairs as a garden, here are 6 Amazing Garden Design Under Staircase.

Amazing garden design with fishpond 


The idea of 'bringing out in' is greatly maximized in this garden under the stairs design. The existing space is used as a garden with a variety of houseplants and a tree that grows towering. Some white pebbles are spread to create a natural ambience. Not only that, the rest of the space is used for a water element, a fishpond. The roof on top of the stairs uses a transparent roof that can still provide adequate natural light down the room. 

Artificial plants garden ideas

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Yes, presenting a garden with biological elements certainly requires certain treatment. If you don't time for that, then the idea of choosing a dry garden design is the right choice. First, build the garden in the shape that you want. Then, place some artificial plants and flowers on the garden. Arrange them as you wish. If you want it, you can put a galvanized round ornament for a more stunning garden under the stairs design. 

Marvelous cactus garden 


Do you like this desert plant? How nice it is to see the space under the stairs as cactus garden. You can arrange the cactus in a neat and interesting arrangement, like a miniature desert. Complete with some ornament and lighting that will make the garden look so stunning. This kind of garden design will become an oasis at your home. 

A tiny garden design under staircase


Instead of using it as storage, creating a garden under the staircase will help you to make a house feel more spacious. More open space, the better the air circulation in the house. No need to bother yourself, just pick white pebbles and artificial plants to design a tiny garden under the stairs. When the garden is dirty, you just need to wipe it and clean it easily. 

A white pebbles garden under the stairs


The garden area under the stairs is indeed large, but we can imitate the minimalist garden design, which is fairly simple. The ground under the stairs is left open, so that shady trees can be planted. To make it look natural aesthetically, white pebble is laid out to cover the infiltration soils. VoilĂ , you'll have a fresh and amazing garden under the stairs. 

Garden under the stairs: small but complete! 


This garden under the stairs is said to be complete, there are not only houseplants, but also a minimalist fountain. The grass carpet is spread out to give a dominant green feel. A minimalist fountain is placed in the corner of the garden to cool this space. As a tip, you can design a transparent roof (skylight) so that the plants can still live in the garden under the stairs.  

That's all for 6 Amazing Garden Design Under Staircase. Hopefully those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about staircase optimize ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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