Simple and Cheerful Kids Bedroom Ideas


 Simple and Cheerful Kids Bedroom Ideas -- For children, sleep is an activity that is quite often avoided because they prefer to play to watch TV. Something like this will make it difficult for parents to wake them up the next morning to go to school. Well, one way to overcome this, you can prepare and attractive room decoration with a cheerful concept of fun. Check out these Simple and Cheerful Children's Bedroom Ideas below!

Nursery theme city shades of blue


Wallpaper or wall painting with an urban theme is interesting for children, in blue as an image enhancer. The arrangement of the dominant children's room with blue color you can apply to the bed area to other wall decorations. Do not miss various notes to remind the learning of children who are prepared for tomorrow.

Pink dominant girl's room decor


As is knows. If girls really like the design of the pink space. The all-pink interior can be seen in the use of curtains, bed linen and also blankets. So is the soft pink wall pain that gives a soft effect on the room. To make it more cheerful and fun, you can add a minimalist painting of flower theme on the wall.

Sky-themed bedroom interior design


The interior design of the bedroom is quite flexible for men and women, is very simple with the sky theme. The decorations aren't festive. You can easily combine with furniture, children's play tools or other children's desires. 

Children's bedroom interior pastel shades


A touch of soft pastel colors from the design of the child's bedroom this time is festive with pink and blue colors. Its small size makes parents more creative in arranging their space. One of them uses glass windows with transparent curtains. You can add a storage rack to set aside children's games to look neat.

Room interior for twins


Having two twins certainly needs to prepare a comfortable place while sleeping. One room that is used as a bed is chosen the same decoration. The gradation of the room's wall paint with a combination of dark pink and gray colors provides an elegant, sweet effect. You can prepare a place in the corner with a cabinet or other unique decorations.

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