6 Refreshing Coffee Bar Designs for Your Home

Helloshabby.com -- As a caffeine lover, it is a good idea to start a day with a cup of your favorite coffee. Yes, you can brew coffee in the kitchen countertop or any table in your home, but it will be more fun, if you have a separate coffee bar in your home. A coffee bar can be a heavenly place to mix your favorite coffee, at least for you. 

Having a coffee bar in your home can also save you a little expense. You don't need to go to a coffee shop, just to enjoy a cup of coffee. Making a coffee bar isn't too difficult either. You can even make it in a small space. You just need to neatly arrange the coffee maker and set of coffee cups in the place you provide. 

Need more ideas? Here are 6 Refreshing Coffee Bar Designs for Your Home.  

A black 'coffee bar' design 


Coffee is black. It is also a great idea to make a black coffee corner at your home. Go black with a black mini bar table, black wall to black floating shelves. A pair of mini stool bars with black and hexagonal shades will provide an exclusive black visualization. The black coffee bar work well with wooden wall. This wooden walls create a refreshing vibe into this black coffee bar design.

A pink 'coffee bar' design 


If the previous design was dominated by a masculine aura, here you'll find a more feminine and soft coffee bar design. Touches of pink and gold color as the main concept of this sweet coffee bar. Both colors are well applied to the bar table, complete with a set of equipment to make a cup of favorite drinks. This pink coffee bar is not only aimed for coffee lovers, but also for tea lovers. 

A refreshing coffee bar design 


Green is a such of energizing color. Brewing coffee in a green coffee corner would be a good way to start your day. Although a cup of coffee will stimulate your adrenaline, but a green coffee corner with a distinctive coffee aroma will provide a satisfaction and freshness in your living space. 

Modern vintage-style coffee bar design


A coffee bar or coffee station is incomplete without adequate brewing equipment. Make sure to add at least some items to your coffee bar: coffee maker, coffee grinder, spoons, coffee beans, hot water dispenser and a set of coffee cups. Make it more vintage style by choosing a cup set, tea pot set in an old school design according to your local culture. In the homeowner's area, a set of cup with an image of a red rooster is included in the vintage-style set. 

A classic coffee bar design 


A collection of plates and cups can be a decorative element to your coffee bar design. Moreover, if you have a collection of classic-style plates and cups. Those items work as ornament that make your small coffee bar design look so aesthetically classy. 

A balcony coffee bar design 


If you live in the small or tiny house, you can make a balcony as coffee bar. A balcony is one of a great places to enjoy a cup of coffee. The breeze with good coffee smell will make you feel better. No need to confuse about where's to place the brewing set, make use of the wall as a place to keep the brewing set and as a place to display the decorative items.

Hopefully those 6 Refreshing Coffee Bar Designs for Your Home  is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about coffee bar for home ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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