7 Awesome Clever Ideas for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Helloshabby.com -- Cooking outside can be a great alternative to the daily routine of preparing meals at home. The openness of the outdoor can bring a refreshing atmosphere when cooking. Having an outdoor kitchen also has many advantages. You do not need to worry about cooking smoke will stick to the clothes or furnishings at home. In addition to that, a fresher atmosphere will also reduce boredom when cooking. 

Specially for those of you who want an outdoor kitchen design, here are our list of 7 Awesome Clever Ideas for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

A small outdoor kitchen design 


You don't need a large space to create an outdoor kitchen. The available space for outdoor kitchen is functional enough for cooking, relaxing and entertaining. When planning an outdoor kitchen, pay attention to the proximity of the outdoor kitchen to the indoor. The more convenient your outdoor kitchen space to the indoor, the less travel you need to move to the kitchen. 

Effortlessly outdoor kitchen


Pay attention to your outdoor kitchen arrangement. You don't want to jump from place to another, just to take the kitchen utensils. It is better the kitchen storage is near the other kitchen furniture. You can even build a hanging rod as a place to keep the cooking utensils. 

Cozy and stylish outdoor kitchen 


Retro-style outdoor kitchens can be presented in the outdoor kitchen. You can choose kitchen furniture with dark blue and combined with white. Both colors present a chic and cozy kitchen. Bar stools are placed outdoors, so you can enjoy a cup of warm tea while chatting casually in the back garden adjacent to this kitchen. 

Solid concrete outdoor kitchen 


When designing an outdoor kitchen, choose materials that are suitable for outdoor design. A solid concrete is one of the suitable ones. Solid materials are resistant to extreme weather changes, from hot weather to rainy weather. Solid materials are suitable for countertops, outdoor kitchen roofs, and kitchen floors. 

Proper cooking space 


Outdoor kitchens are fun. But this carries some consequences. For example, you have to be smart about filling the cooking space with the appliances you need. Yes, it would be fun to have many cooking appliances in the kitchen. But, do you really need that? Be sure to get what you'll need and use. 

A simple outdoor kitchen is enough 


If you tend to like a simple or minimalist kitchen design, you can adapt this outdoor kitchen design to your home. Nothing less, and nothing more. The kitchen only has essential furniture. Just a small countertop with stove, sink and a bit of space for preparing food. There are cabinets under the countertop to keep some cookware in it. 

An attached outdoor kitchen design 


The outdoor kitchen does not have to be completely separate from the main interior. Having an attached one is also a good idea. An attached outdoor kitchen makes you more convenient to serving and transfer the food to indoor. The less travel also make you less lazy to go to outdoor kitchen. 

Hopefully those 7 Awesome Clever Ideas for Outdoor Kitchen Designs are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about outdoor kitchen design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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