7 Simple Ideas to Take a Small Living Room to the Next Level

Helloshabby.com -- A living room can work as your home's centerpiece. It is the best place for entertaining guest or friends, reading, relaxing and watching television. A living room is one of the most important living spaces at home. So, don't let your living room, even the small living room, look ordinary. Don't think about the narrowness and confined space! Ton of ideas to outsmart that limiting space at small living room. By following these ideas, it's time to transform a small living room into a comfy and stylish sitting room. 

Here are 7 Simple Ideas to Take a Small Living Room to the Next Level.

Bring in more natural light 

Let's say goodbye to a small, awkward living room. Make it more bright and fresh by bringing in natural lights to the living room. You can place the living room near the window. Install curtains on the windows to warm the intensity of light that enters the room. The natural light will help to create a comfy living room, even only with sofas, chairs, rugs and simple decorations.

Match the design of furniture and decorations 

Do not be careless in putting furniture and living room decorations. Furniture and decorations with a clear visual direction are certainly more pleasing to the eye. You don't have to make the same furniture and decoration designs. Look at this living room picture! The sofa set and plant stylish decor look stand alone. But the owner outsmart this limitation by adding sofa cushions with tropical illustration on it. That way, a small living room looks harmonious. 

Upgrade your floor 

A cozy living room is influenced by the floor design. The Scandinavian-inspired living room design fit perfectly with wood-based floors, such as vinyl or parquet floors. The wooden floor creates a warm and homey ambience to the living room. 

Strategically plan the layout 

In a small house, there are several spaces that are in an open concept or open space. For example, an open living room close to the dining room, without a solid wall between those two rooms. If you want to add privacy in a living room, we advise to strategically plan the layout. You can arrange the sofa with the back of the sofa facing the other room. This sofa serves as a visual barrier, so that the activity behind the living room it is not too obvious. 

The Two-Toned Walls 

Wall painting is very influential to take your small living room to the next level. To avoid a boring impression, you can paint the walls with two-toned model. Two-tone wall painted in horizontally and stripe way make this room look more dynamic and higher. The wall also doubles the spaciousness on this living space. 

Pick a specific theme 

Put random things won't make a small living room looks great. Instead of random things, you better pick a specific theme that you want to present on the living room. If you like shabby chic themes that seem vintage, but soft and sweet, you can imitate the design of this living room. Turquoise and white color create a warm and bright atmosphere. While the unique seating set make the living room look better than ever. 

Keep it simple and comfy 

This living room feels comfortable thanks to a simple and spacious arrangement. The soft furnishings give a great impact to the room. The installed window curtains give an elegant impression. The large rug in plaid pattern adds vibrancy to the room. While, a pink round rug under a small coffee table make the table look more special. 

That's all for 7 Simple Ideas to Take a Small Living Room to the Next Level. Hopefully those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small living room designs. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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