7 Small Chill Out Corner Garden Ideas

7 Small Chill Out Corner Garden Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- The idea of making a small garden corner around the house with small or large land is quite easy. You only need a few ways without to much importance on land limitations. Besides being able to be used as a greening area, for a spot of relaxation with family can be tried. You can choose a variety of designs at 7 Small Chill Out Corner Garden Ideas below!


 Corner garden with light


The placement of furniture in the corner is not only as a complement. You can feel a comfortable, relaxing sensation accompanied by ornamental plants with floodlights that area useful for lighting at night. Outdoor gardens that area on the boundary between these houses provide a more attractive, dynamic effect.


Corner of the garden with benches and wood panels


Outdoor garden containing ornamental plants accompanied by wooden benches to relax is complete. You need to simply put a coffee table to place coffee or orange juice in the summer. Wood paneling for land cover i made more attractive with a blend of ornamental plants.


Private area with relaxing chairs


Beautiful scenery in the corner of the garden full of flowers will be pleasure to have. You can easy to make it look striking and comfortable. Add two relaxing chairs in white that look elegant and look luxurious. If necessary, add a garden umbrella to protect from the hot sun.


Garden houses with used containers


It doesn't have to be with a seat alone to fill the corner garden. You can try a new switch, using used containers for planting pot media. This also allows you to be productive on weekends by scanning all pants that grow in poly bags.


Corner garden of a farmer's house with rust iron chairs


You do not need to but new furniture if your still have an iron chairs stored in the warehouse. Use a rusty iron chair  to complete the corner garden at home. Simply add with padded for comfortable seating.


Corner garden rattan chair with umbrella


If you like the relaxed atmosphere outdoors, including the home garden. This idea can be used as an inspiration easily. You can put rattan chair furniture complete with a table. Add more with an umbrella to avoid the scorching sun. Make a deck accent whose elevation is slightly higher than the yard. 


Corner garden with benches and ponds


Complete attractive design for the corner of your garden this time can be arranged with a simple arrangement. One of them uses wooden benches that can be used as a relaxing spot, make a pool of rectangular shaped cement that helps the fresh atmosphere and dampen excess heat.

Hopefully those garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home interior idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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