7 Stylish Accent Walls to Dress Up Your Living Space

Helloshabbyy.com -- Have you ever been confused about how to properly bring out the focal point to the room? The answer is easy: why not try to dress up your wall with some decorative things. A large wall that looks empty is certainly unattractive. Even when you use the wall as a room background. Dress up them will make a living space look more interesting and pleasant to look at.

For those of you who want a more beautiful room wall, here's a guide on how you dress up the wall in a stylish mode. 

1. Twilight paintings on the walls


Drawing an aesthetic look on the wall is a fun idea to do. For exterior wall, give a fresh and new look by drawing and painting the wall with twilight theme. The reddish color act as a contrast, going for a lighter wall paint color. Somehow, the reddish twilight color with butterflies will be an accent that can attract our attention. 


2. Gallery Wall 


Do you have a lot of interesting and memorable pictures? In addition to photo albums, you can also have a wall gallery at home. You can mix and match sizes and decorative items around the wall. Arrange memorable pictures with neat and artistic arrangement. You can create a gallery wall on the wall of the stair's area near the living room. A living room with aesthetic gallery wall will make the living space more homey.

3. Geometric Wall Accent


Take your walls to the next level by applying geometric wall accent to your living space. For example, in the bedroom. In addition to one type of solid color, create a geometric wall accent can make a room look more stylish. The white, black and pink are arranged in puzzle set up. Those colors will give a beautiful splash of color.

4. Green and white wallpaper 


The wall acts as the background of the room. The background of the room does not have to be in white, solid or one color only. Be creative by installing fresh wallpaper in your living space. The striped green and white colors will make your display look so fresh and new in every way. This kind of wallpaper will highlight the black and modern TV that you put in the living room. 

5. Contemporary Artwork 


The gray living room need a splash of color to make it more alive. You can try to place some contemporary artworks in the wall. Those artworks have a touch of bright and contrasting colors, which can liven up the room. Consider using the same hue for the frames, so it will bring a flawless look. 

6. Rustic style wall decor 


The most visible characteristic of rustic design is the use of materials with a strong texture impression. Rustic is often associated with natural style, as well as it is. Bring a rustic touch into the living space. You can dress up the plain wall with some rustic accessories. Arrange them in the right and proportionate distance. Rustic style wall decor will make a room look more aesthetic. 

7. Colorful Walls 


Make your life more colorful by painting the walls in various colors. If you have children, you can invite them to paint the wall in any colors that they like. The children can feel special seeing their art wall paints in display in the home. This kind of stylish accent walls also make the stairs look more cheerful, far from gloomy impression. 

That's all for 7 Stylish Accent Walls to Dress Up Your Living Space. All of them somehow look so stunning in the living space. You can pick one or more ideas to be applied in your home. Tell us what's your favorite stylish accent walls on our Facebook fan page Home Design Pictures.

We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family. 

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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