Small Rose Garden | Growing Roses in Containers

Small Rose Garden | Growing Roses in Containers -- No wonder if roses are the most beautiful ornamental plants to be planted in the yard. No matter the land that is limited in size, you can choose roses to be planted in containers around the terrace, backyard even in the house. You can choose a container model to plant ornamental roses in the following reviews!


The right rose plant


All type of roses can grow in containers, still ideally such as polyanthas, small bushes and miniature roses. You can even plant in a hanging basket container near the window of the house. Choose the right variety of roses, only bloom once in one season only.


Choose the right container


Choosing the right container for ornamental roses needs to be seen from the size of the plant. In addition to providing a roof place as a growth space, plants that grow large can you move to a large pot used to place ornamental roses to make it more lush and blooming. So that the roots of the plants remain walled and comfortable, avoid dark color pots that can absorb more heat.


Use good soil


The need for roses that grow in containers is quite a lot, rather than planted directly in the soil. Use a mixture of soil with high quality compost substitute using extra nutrients. You can mix the two with the same or more comparison on one of them.


Provide the maximum need for sunlight


To get blooms from the best ornamental roses, at least you place this plant for six hours every day. But too much sunlight can also make roses too hot and damage flowers and leaves.


Keep the soil moist


Whether planted in the soil or in a container, ornamental roses need to be considered to the humidity of the soil. Especially in the summer, you can water it every day to maintain the freshness of the soil and thrive well throughout the season.


Fertilize properly


Roses that grow in containers also need nutrient to maintain blooming flowers. The provision of fertilizer for roses in containers is quite often done rather than planted in the garden. So that the bloom is faster, you can provide fertilizer at the beginning of planting.


Prune at the right time


Most miniatures require proper pruning and only a little. You need to prune the rose to maintain its shape or eliminated unwanted growth.

Hopefully those garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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