Stunning and Organized Laundry Room Ideas for Small Spaces -- Do you have limited space for laundry room design? Don't worry, you can turn this limitation into a positive thing. You need to think more creatively in overcoming the small space, so the remaining space function properly and your laundry room design will be organized. A small but organized laundry room will make you easier when you intend to do laundry. So, especially for those of you who're struggling about designing a small laundry room in  beautiful and orderly way, here are Stunning and Organized Laundry Room Ideas for Small Spaces.

Make use of the walls


The best way to maximize the small laundry room is to optimize the use of walls. Consider installing floating shelves as a place to put washing tools, detergent, and some decorative items. It is also a nice idea to consider a wall-mounted drying rack. Pick a clothesline or drying rack that can be folded (when not in use) to save space. Go creative by designing the walls in exposed red brick and aesthetic vintage-style wall tiles. 

Pink and white combination


A stunning laundry room design is supported by stunning visual. Make sure you choose an attractive combination for your small laundry room. For example, this pink and white laundry room design. The white color is applied on walls, cabinet and wash machine color. The white things act as background that make a small space look more spacious. While the pink work as accent that makes this laundry room have adorable and a more colorful look. 

Infuse life with plants 


A fresh atmosphere will make you more comfortable when doing laundry. That's why, present some greenery in the laundry room is also a good idea to make the small space feel so fresh and cozy. You can place the plants on the table or let the vine grow along your skylight. Somehow, the greenery make this gray laundry room far away from gloomy impression. 

Give your personal touch 


Make your open laundry room more unique by creating a stunning wall art. You can paint the wall in a stylish design. This creative wall work as accent that makes you forget the small size of the laundry room design. Install a floating shelf as a place to put another decorative items that will make your laundry room look better than before. 

Laundry room near coffee bar 


When doing laundry, there are times we feel bored waiting for clothes to be completely clean and dry from the washing machine. This can be avoided by designing a mini coffee bar next to a small laundry space. While waiting for clean laundry, you can sit back while enjoying a cup of favorite coffee. This coffee bar also can be used for children's playroom, so you can do laundry while watching the kid in the same room. 

Laundry room ideas in the bathroom 


If you do not have enough space to make a separate laundry room, the idea of designing a laundry room in the bathroom can be an option. With the right arrangement, the bathroom is still well-functional and remains comfortable, even though there is a washing machine and other washing equipment. 

To minimize unwanted risk, it is better for the bathroom to be designed with a wet and dry mode. Areas with wet floor condition such as showers or bathtubs are made separate from fry areas. A special dry area is used as a sink and washing machine. Also choose a floor mode that tends to have rough texture and easy to dry. For example, hexagonal floors are anti-slip and look so chic and cool.  

That's all for Stunning and Organized Laundry Room Ideas for Small Spaces. What do you think about those laundry room ideas? We wish those ideas will make you easy to realize your dreamy laundry room design at your home. Leave your comments or messages on our Facebook page. 

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