10 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties - Epic Gardening


10 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties - Epic Gardening

Helloshabby.com -- Aglaonema is a type of ornamental plant derived from the taro tribe or Arceae that is most in demand. This ornamental plant is very exotic with a variety of leaf colors and very charming.

There are at least 30 species of Aglaonema ornamental plants that are widespread in the world. Abroad, it is commonly known as Chinese evergreen.  This plant becomes one of the best plant for beginners, ornamental plants lovers who are busy doing activities outside the home.

This short review there are several types of Aglaonema ornamental plants that you can make an option to fill the space at home to make it more refreshing.



Aglaonema Hybrid Reanita


In general, Agalaonema plants have a leaf size that is not too large, but in one tree can grow very lush. The charms of Aglaonema Hybrid Reanita is very beautiful with the color of pink leaves combined with dark green that looks luxurious.

The size of the stem is very short with a pink has bones and veins that are exposed to pink color.Better, you put this plant in the place of blame to avoid the hot sun and rain directly.

Aglaonema Red Peacok


This next Aglaonema has a beautiful red peacock name with green color mixed with pink. The shape of the leaves is quite diverse with the tip of tape leaves is beautiful to be used as a room decoration.

You can simply put it in an area that is a little light so that it does not burn directly when exposed to the sun.

Aglaonema Silverbay


Aglaonema silver bay is one of the ornamental plants that are suitable to be placed on the interior of the house with a tropical feel. Broad green leaves with dark green margins and mint green center provide freshness for air purifiers. Avoid direct sun exposure, to provide regular water balance.

This silver bay Aglaonema can survive in environments that are low humidity but will thrive with higher humidity levels.

Aglaonema Anyanmanee


Aglaonema is knows as Chinese Evergreen, which includes low maintenance and various color variations. One of them is pink Aglaonema with a beautiful leaf variation whose tip is taper. The surface of the beautiful leaves is filled with pink, with predominantly green patches on the periphery and center. The leaf segment and the roots of the leaf that clearly divide the two sides of the large same leaf, the more beautifully have white flowers.

Aglaonema Rotundum    


The leaf queen, one of the nicknames of ornamental plants, Aglaonema Rotundum. Plants with blood-red leaves have a whitish or pink color. In the middle of the leaf has a white line that follows the pattern of leaf bones. You are easy enough to distinguish one of these varieties of Aglaonema.

The size can reach 7-8 cm as an adult, with a round leaf size elongated and tapered at the end.

You can grow this Aglaonema Rotundum is various ways; starting from the way of cuttings, grafts, up to the seeds.

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor


Aglaonema pictum tricolor is a subtropical shrub derived from the species Aglaonema pictum. It grows at an altitude of 1000-2000, meters on the slopes of a volcano on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

This plant has spotted leaves with three colors, dark green, bright and white that make it like an army pattern.

You need to take care of this plant properly in order to stay healthy and fertile. Good irrigation is essential for treating Aglaonema Pictum tricolor with low light intensity.

Aglaonema Favonian


The following Aglaonema varieties can be grouped in plant that are easy to treatment. With the color of red leaves, easily a throughput green edge looks beautiful and impressive. 

The height is not too large like some other types, in one stem only has a few stalks of leaves but looks lush because of the size of the leaves are quite large.

Aglaonema Goldstar


Chinese evergreens that are commonly found in green this time are quite interesting. It has a white leaf surface with thorough green patches. The unique shape of the leaves looks taper at the end looks very sharp, when it is not. Nor only the leaves are white, the stalks of the leaves look the same.

Aglaonema Pink Star


Thick leaves that look thinner and shiny from other type have the name Aglonema pink star, or can be called tissue Aglaonema. The color of the leaves are overall pink, has only slight blend of green color in the leaf bones and leaf edges. The shape of the leaves that are almost like the shape of this heart has a taper end. If seen almost like golden photo, leaves with different colors a size.

Aglaonema Lotus Delight


Besides being beautiful and most popular, this lotus delight Aglaonema ornamental plant is very charming. The proportional shape of the leaves forms a taper with both side of the same side. Pink leaves at this edge appear to blend with symmetrical leaf bones. This beautiful blend of dark green color mixed with yellowish looks striking and gives a sparkle effect.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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