7 DIY Porch And Patio Decor Ideas On A Budget


Helloshabby.com -- Want to decorate the look of porch and patio without spending a lot of money? Here are some DIY to decorate the patio that you can apply at home easily at home. This patio decorating ideas is cheap but features unique and artistic visuals.

Example 7 DIY porch and patio decor ideas on a budget below will help you in determining the appropriate decoration without spending a lot of money!

1. Terrace with functional wooden plant racks

The first patio inspiration used functional wooden shelves. This plant shelves you can make easily at home. While in terms of aesthetic, you can combine it with charming bicycle paintings.

2. Beautiful fence garden


If you have a small porch, the following fence garden ideas you can try to apply. Elongated wooden boards can be installed of the fence. Then you can put beautiful flower pots on it.

3.A Colorful terrace full of Happiness


Create a cheerful terrace atmosphere with bright colorful themes. Combine rainbow colors of your plant pot. Besides being beautiful also carries an aura of happiness and peace.

4. Balcony garden with hanging pots


Although small, this balcony garden looks more attractive with hanging plants. If you have a rope, you can string it together as a means of hanging pots. In addition to helping you save space. It also looks unique.

5.You can coat the paint of wood walls


You can coat the wooden walls as a vertical means of the garden with white paint. This is to keep the walls in good condition. Well, you can put some plants hanging neatly here.

6. Terrace with wooden stairs


Terrace with white dominance is suitable for those of  you who like simple design and not much decoration. Only one wooden staircase that is used as a plant rack in the corner of the room, able to make the porch look more alive.

7. Used tires for seating

If you have used car tires, with a little creativity you have you can make it a beautiful seat. Also present a wooden coffee table nearby, to complement your beautiful terrace design.

That's 7 DIY porch and patio decor ideas on a budget that you can emulate at home. From the design above, which is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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