7 Best Types of Alocasia Plant - Rare & Popular Varieties


7 Best Types of Alocasia Plant - Rare & Popular Varieties

Hellosahabby.com -- Of the many types of ornamental plants, Alocasia can be one of the plant you choose without a doubt. Alocasia plant is known for its beautiful plant because its dazzling leaves with shape, pattern, color to size. This dark dominant color is very exotic and suitable to be placed in all environments.

Plants native to subtropical Asia have moist and warm growths. Here are some of the most popular and interesting varieties of Alocasia that can be a consideration.

Alocasia Frydek


This Alocasia Frydek can be a good alternative if you choose Alocasia black velvet that is too dark. Well this Frydek plant you can use with bright leaves and bright greens. This Frydek grows to a height of about 2-3 feet, with leaves that are 18 inches long.

You can put it in the room because this plant is sensitive to sun exposure.

Alocasia Zebrina


One of the most elegant varieties of Alocasia is Zebrina. Having light green leaves and tall striped stalks, this plant produce a plant that has a lot of pizzazz. 

This plant does not include Alocasia that is easy to grow indoors. But this plant is also happy if placed in the room.

Alocasia Cuprea


One type of jewel Alocasia, this Cuprea has shiny coppery-green and silver leaves and a dark green primer. The bottom of the leaves is attractive, with a reddish color that adds to the appeal.

Alocasia Amazonica


Known as Alocasia Polly, the leaves' area dark green and V shape with thick primary veins and protruding green color is easily more beautiful and becomes one of the characteristics. 

This Amazonica reaches a height of and spread about two feet. Plant are best grown in bright, and indirect light tend to suffer when placed in dark spaces.

Alocasia Odara


Known as night scented lily, Alocasia Odora includes varieties that grow upright to a height of 4-8 feet. Leaves can reach a length of 2 feet and a width of 1 foot.

Odor is the best plan that needs organic soil and moist.

Alocasia Black Velvet



This variety of Alocasia is a perfect example of a wide selection of Alocasia. These Alocasia leaves are velvet, with silvery white veins and medium to dark green leaves.

This rare plant being the height of 20 inches is perfect for growing even in terrariums.

Alocasia Dragon Scale


Alocasia dragon scale has a strong appeal. Silvery-colored leaves look like dragon scales, with primary and secondary veins of a dark green color. 

The leaves of this variety can grow about 4 and 6 inch, while the plant grows about 40 to 80 inches. This plant likes high humidity, which becomes a challenge to maintain indoors without a humidifier.

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