7 Gorgeous Green Living Room to Recreate

Helloshabby.com -- Interiors with shades of green are things that never go stale or out-of-style to be re-created. On the living room, the green things make the room not so colorless and uninviting. Rather, the green living room could create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere to the living space. It can provide you a soothing feeling that you crave.

Recreate the green living room doesn't have to by making major changes. Whether you want a lively, calming or even vibrant living room, you can adapt one or some ideas from these green living room inspirations below. For more detail, keep reading for 7 Gorgeous Green Living Room to Recreate

Stunning green living room


This green living room might be making you smile. The stunning green walls with Crittal window opening up to the hall beyond. Don't forget the expansive sofa, make you want to sit back or even lie down on it. When you have this kind of green living room, you can make family gathering more enjoyable and fun.

Vibrant green living room


What vibe would you like to bring out in a green living room? If you do not want a living room that look so gloomy and lonely, you can make a vibrant green living room like this one, if you like it. The all-green things with various textures and patterns make the living room feel cozy, vibrant and pleasant to look at. A vibrant green living room surely is a good mood booster.  

Small and minimalist green living room


Small but cute. These two words may be suitable to briefly describe the green living room above. You can add pink accents to beautify the living room. The green and pink works together to create a living room that feel so fresh yet still pretty and more feminine. Enliven the walls by placing wall decor in pink and flamingo shape that look so adorable.

Cozy and cool green living room


There are tons of green shades out there. Choose one that represent the visuals and impressions you want to present. You can choose pine green color for the living room walls. The pine green walls create a cool atmosphere to the room. You can choose gray couch to complete this room. Not forgetting by adding natural wall decor to make the green living room feel so freshly green.

Festive green living room


Create a festive living room by making a geometric wall in orange and green paint colors. This way, a green living room look more creative and stunning. Place a red folding sofa in front of the TV set. This sofa will make you want to dive in soft and padded fabric. Make a festive green living also do not require pricey things. Just with affordable green sticker give a festive and refreshing living room.

Dynamic green living room


Green color is well-applied onto the walls. You can try to play a painting form. The striped and horizontal green and white paint color create a more dynamic and higher living room's visual. The owner choose to leave the floor and ceiling in basic color as color balancer in the room. This way, a green living room won't look too much. 

Deep green living room


Another one, a simple and minimalist green living room. You don't need anything complicated to recreate this green living room. Just paint the walls in chartreuse green color that paint in deep coat. Then, you just need to place a set of sofa with stools in gray color to complete this living room. A coffee table with round rug underneath makes you able to have a simple and functional green living room.

That's all for 7 Gorgeous Green Living Room to Recreate. From the pictures above, which one is your favorite to recreate at your home? Tell us on our Facebook fan page, Home Design Pictures. Don't forget to share this articles to your relative, if you think these ideas will be useful for them.  

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