7 Nicest Balcony Garden Ideas


Helloshabby.com --  There are several ways to create a beautiful home garden. One of them is by using an outdoor area, such as a balcony. For those of you who live in a two-story house, the balcony area you can use to relax to gather with a fun family.

Here are 7 nicest balcony garden ideas that can make your relaxing atmosphere more relaxed!

Vertical garden on the balcony


There are several ways to get around the small size of the balcony. One of them is by applying of vertical garden. In addition to making the look of the garden more aesthetic also makes the atmosphere of the garden cooler. Combine it with a chairlift for maximum comfort.

Simple but elegant balcony garden


Not much furniture is used, just a garden chair that you can use as a place to relax. As a decoration, you can add some greenery around it for a cozy garden atmosphere.

Minimalist-style balcony garden

Because it is small, instead of using a chair, you can replace it with a bean bag to make the impression of a wider balcony. A pair of bean bags with Sansevieria plants are ready to accompany your relaxing time one the weekend


Balcony garden in pastel colors


Balcony garden with pastel color theme becomes an interesting idea that you can try to apply at home. The combination of bean bags with pastel colors and the use of terracotta pots makes the garden look more vibrant. This park can be used as a fun picnic spot.

Colorful balcony garden


This colorful balcony garden can bring happiness to you. The combination of bright colors and also some green plants managed to make the garden atmosphere more pleasant. Very interesting, isn't?

Balcony garden for playground


The existence of a balcony garden at home you can use for various activities. One of them uses this area as a comfortable children's playground. Complete the balcony garden with fun children's play facilities.

Natural balcony garden


Examples of the last balcony design carry the concept of natural. With the use of environmentally friendly materials, managed to create a garden atmosphere full of comfort. While the wood material makes the room more homey.

That's 7 nicest balcony garden ideas that you can apply at home. From the design above which is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

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