7 Beautiful Hanging Succulents to Love


7 Beautiful Hanging Succulents to Love

Helloshabby.com -- All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Succulents become one of the long trailing plants and take time to grow them. Succulents will be very beautiful if used as hanging plants to fill the interior with the house to the terrace yard. You can have a variety of beautiful hanging succulents as decorations and sweeteners of the room.


Burro's Tail


Botanical name: Sedum Morganianum is known as the donkey tail. You can spread it and plant it easily. The trailing leaves of the hanging succulent can grow about 2-3 feet in length. In the summer, you will find flowers with beautiful red and pink colors around it. Do not water it too often, this plant easily bows its roots. So you need to hang it in an area that gets full sun.

String of Turtles


Without realizing it, this next succulent plant is very interesting. It has the name string of turtle, or commonly known as Prostata Peperomia. The shape of a small round leaf like a day has a deep green leaf color and mixed silver white. It is called the string of turtles because it has a leaf surface that looks like a turtle. Small leaf stalks with a slightly reddish white color can spread throughout the pot with full.

Donkey's Tail (Sedum Morganianum)


This donkey tail (Sedum Morganianum) known as the burro tail is a perennial succulent with blue-green whose trailing trunks can reach 24 inches in length. Ornamental plants are popular for their drought tolerance and pleated appearance of their fleshy leaves. This plant is not toxic to pets and humans.

String of Banana


The botanical name Senecio Radicans or string of bananas is derived from South Africa. Strong plants with small banana-shaped leaves grows from long trailing stems. This succulent plant is one of the succulents whose care is easier than a string of pearls. You can have this plant by paying attention to lighting and irrigation that is not excessive.


String of Pearls


Botanical name: this Senecio Rowleyanus is a beautiful succulent that is beautiful to hang on a basket. These string of pearls have round leaves like peas and light greens. Because its unique leaves make echoes when they see it. This plant will work well if placed in partial sunlight, and away from the hot afternoon sun.

Tangled Heart



The botanical name of this tangled heart plant is prostrate plectranthus. Also known as slaughtered plant or Swedish Ivy. This plant is a succulent creeper that rarely produces beautiful little flowers. This plant is lush and has a small, glossy green leaf color.

You can take care of it wholeheartedly gently, because the stems and leaves are very easily broken when held rough. You should plant it in a large pot to make the roots many and stronger.


Christmas Cactus


This Christmas cactus plant or Schlumbergera botanical name includes a small cactus with six to nine species. Plants that have stems that resemble bearings like leaves combine into one. This plant grows on trees, rocks with high humidity compared to other species.

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