7 Indoor Planter Ideas From Old Kitchen Items


Helloshabby.com -- Unused kitchen items you can use into a functional plant pot. Some kitchen utensils that you can use include cups, bottles, jars and even bowls. Then you are also more frugal because you do not need to buy  new flower pot.

Come in, make an indoor plant pot out of kitchen items! Here are 7 indoor planter ideas from old kitchen items that can inspire you!

Beautiful planter of bowls


You can use the bowl as a cute alternative to indoor plants. Paint a floral motif to make the look of the pot more beautiful and aesthetic.

Planter from a teacup


Use cups of tea and coffee to be a means of growing charming indoor plants. You can put in the corner of the kitchen as a decoration.

Used basin planter

If you have an unused basin, take advantage of it to be a charming indoor planter. In addition to ornamental plants, you can grow healthy organic vegetables.

Pretty succulent on a jar


Some of your used jars look more charming if you use them grow succulents. Use a jar with a small size to make it more practical to put in every corner of the room.

Fresh Golden pothos on a glass jar


How to recycle a glass jar into a flower pot is simple. You can fill it with full water, then put Golden pothos in it.

Planter used glass bottle


Tropical theme painting with bright colors is suitable to beautify your used glass bottle. You can use water growing media to make sure the plants stay fresh.

Unique planter of teapots


Lastly, your kitchen will be cooler with presence of indoor plants as decorations. You use some kitchen utensils such as bottles and used teapots to grow greenery. Place it on a wooden wall shelf near the window.

That's an example of 7 indoor planter ideas from old kitchen items that can inspire you. From the idea above, which is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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