How to Make the Most of Your Galley Kitchen -- Galley-style kitchens are one of the popular kitchen trends on Instagram. It reaches number 24.034 related post about the galley kitchen. Galley kitchen layout is usually applied to small kitchen or narrow kitchen. Of course, this condition requires you to be more creative in arranging your galley kitchen in a narrow space. Because in a small kitchen, a better balance must be achieved between style and practicality. 

For that, we would love to share smart storage solution and smart arrangement ideas to make your galley kitchen more optimal. Here are How to Make the Most of Your Galley Kitchen

1. Make the most of natural light


Natural light helps the kitchen space feel bigger and brighter. It is better to install window on the side of the walls. So, the natural light will be able to enter and brighten up your galley kitchen. You can place the kitchen sink cabinet face to the window. So, when you wash the dishes you can see the outside view through the window. 

2. Eliminate one part of the upper cabinet


Don't force a narrow galley kitchen to install upper cabinets on both sides of the kitchen. You can make the galley kitchen more open and spacious by removing one of the upper cabinets on the kitchen wall. It is better to install floating shelves to keep the kitchen appliances or decorative items on the other side of the walls.

3. Dress up your cabinets


If you live in a tiny house or container house, making a galley kitchen is a good option. You can remove the upper cabinets and replace them with windows for better air circulation and space lighting. You can dress up your cabinet in your favorite color for better kitchen look. 

4. Expand the lower cabinets


If you intend to have a galley kitchen, think about the storage. You can maximize storage space in the cabinet. Make more shelves on the cabinet for more storage. So, you don't have to add standing racks for additional storage in your galley kitchen.

5. Choose the perfect floor style


Have a galley kitchen? Don't make  the square footage look so ordinary. Make the most of flooring area by choosing the best floor design for your galley kitchen. You can get a floor design with vintage pattern that looks match with the kitchen look. Even, this kind of floor design add you a cool atmosphere and cool looking tiles. 

6. Expand the galley kitchen with the terrace


A galley kitchen is so unique. You need to think creatively to make the most of the kitchen space. If you want to have a galley kitchen that doesn't seem so narrow and small, expand the kitchen space with the terrace. The floor straight to the terrace makes your kitchen look elongated and not so stuffy. 

7. Make your galley kitchen in an open space


You probably don't want your kitchen to feel like part of your living room. In that case, you can make a galley kitchen in a more open space. The kitchen above is placed near the garden with galley-layout. The galley is made with an island as a prep-table or a place to keep the kitchen appliances. An open-space galley kitchen will make the kitchen look brighter and spacious enough. 

That's all for How to Make the Most of Your Galley KitchenHopefully those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about galley kitchen. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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