7 Inspiring Windowsill Garden Ideas You Should Try


7 Inspiring Windowsill Garden Ideas You Should Try

Helloshabby.com -- Adding more plants into the house can make the room feel green, cool and refreshing. You can see beautiful looks throughout the day, if you place this plant around a balcony, window box or window sill. Depending on the plant, you can choose various types of plants such as succulents, vegetables, herbs or ornamental flowers.

You can put it in a pot, hanging model or sticky model at will. Some choices of plants you can choose that have more benefits for life in your home. As an inspiration, 7 plants on this window sill you can relax and apply.

Windowsill garden with pots


Simple decoration on this windowsill, you can make an example. Put ornamental plants in pots with a slightly tenuous distance to give a sigh of relief. Any plant you can place in this area including spider plant, succulent to other kitchen herbal plants. Choose a plastic pot that does not break easily when nudged.

Combination of windowsill plants


You don't have to just plant it to create an attractive and tropical window sill. You can choose the type of plants to vary the type. Starting succulents with terracotta pots on the windowsill, you can give the impression if shade with hanging plants, golden pothos brasil.

Windowsill with hanging plants


Well this time you can equate the appearance of the interior around the windowsill or doorway with hanging ornamental plants. Various types of hanging plants you can choose to make the interior of the house so fresher and look beautiful. Do not forget to associate the plant with a strong rope so that it does not fall easily when exposed to wind.

Hanging plants with unique hooks in windowsill


You can display more attractive home interior using hanging plants and unique wooden hooks. If usually only hung on the ceiling of the room, this time you can add beautiful decorations in the form of wooden sticks to other unique decorations.

Windowsill with succulent plants


Not all types of succulent, you can place around the window will with a hanging model. There are only a few that you can choose, one of which is string of pearls, Sedum Burito, Sedum Morganium, String of turtle and several other types of hanging succulents. Make sure to make it looks lush with stems and leaves hanging down to make the atmosphere of the house cooler.

Cactus on the windowsill


Carrying the desert concept, this time you can choose the window sill area to fill the interior with the room so that it is more interesting. You can choose different types of succulent plants that are still included in this type of cactus, one which is a group of cacti, to the hanging succulent types that you can see in some previous reviews.


Windowsill plant with ceramic mini pot


Flower vase material from ceramics that are small like cups, this time you can make the choice to make your windowsill look attractive. Various sizes and colors look shiny because the maximum sun heat enters the space. You can choose the type of plant that cares easily if still a beginners, such as ZZ plant, Golden pothos or succulent plant that tend not to get water too often.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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