The 7 Best Blue Living Room Ideas We've Ever Seen -- Blue is a versatile color. It has many shades of colors that mostly give a positive vibe, when applied to the interior design. You name it, light blue tone like a gentle and peaceful daytime sky and the dark or deep blue like a charming night sky and gives a slightly cool impression. 

With these positive vibe, it is a great idea to incorporate blue on your living room. You can even create a thematic blue living room for your home. Before you do it, keep reading for The 7 Best Blue Living Room Ideas We've Ever Seen, that will give you a more inspiration

1. Peaceful and gentle blue living room ideas


Blue has a power to manage stress and clear your mind. Look at this living room! The soft blue colors give a calm, peaceful and gentle impression to anyone who sees it. Try to use variations of blue shades with different soft to make it look perfect, and make it a mood booster at home. 

2. Blue Bohemian living room ideas


Bohemian style usually uses a combination of colors, textures and accents that are layered. You can use bright colors as the base color of the living room. Paint the walls in white, then add a dark and deep blue colors as accent on the walls. Use matching blue knick-knacks with a unique pattern, so it gives you a Bohemian look you crave. 

3. Decide on the best blue combination for your space


If you want to create a thematic blue living room, try using slightly different shades that looks great together. The blue sky walls give you a clear and bright look, while the patterned rug in slightly blue denim color create a warm and cozy  feel to this living room. It's such a perfect color combination even for a small living room. 

4. Mix soothing pink pastel


This sky-blue sofa looks more beautiful with pink pastel on it. You can add cushions, throws, and some decorations in pink. A little touch of wood and small object with gold accents, increasingly make this living room look elegant. 

5. Summery living room ideas


A blue living room with yellow accents inside will remind of the summer sky. Bright and fresh. The ceiling is also painted in a blue color, so it looks harmonious with other blue things inside. Fortunately, this blue living room is designed in open plan concept. The open space next to the living room will make you able to feel natural freshness.  

6. Be Bold with Deep Blue Color


Be brave to experiment with blue. Bring the feel of the living room that attract the eyes to look at it. The choice of deep blue color is well applied on a sofa and rug. It gives a different look and feel than other colors. Tone down the blue color by choosing a wooden coffee table with metallic frames, and place it in the middle of the living room. 

7. Pop up the blue sofa


Pop up the blue sofa in the living room with neutral colors like this. A pair of blue sofas with pink cushions on it add a splash of color to the living room. The blue things make the living room won't look so plain and monotonous. 

That's all for The 7 Best Blue Living Room Ideas We've Ever Seen. Hopefully, those ideas is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about blue living room ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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