7+ List of Plant and Flower Names with Picture


7+ List of Plant and Flower Names with Picture

Helloshabby.com -- Plants and flowers teach you to take care of things carefully and lovingly. To take care of ornamental plants and flowers, you need to provide special care so that the plant in the house are more beautiful and healthy. To choose ornamental plants and flowers also need to choose in advance what kind of plants are suitable. Especially if you are a beginner lover of ornamental plants. To choose, it needs a plant whose care is easy and in accordance with environmental conditions. There area several references to ornamental plants that have been planted by lovers of ornamental plants that are treated lovingly and produce beautiful plants. Check out the 7+ List of Plant and Flower Names with Picture below!

Staghorn Fern

Cinnamon fern is a fern plant that grow large and requires a large planting place. Avoid planting this cinnamon fern in small pots because the plant will experience malnutrition. This fern has a high resistance to heat and sunlight.

Orchid Flower

Orchids are flowers with widespread types from wet tropics to circumpolar. This orchid plant usually lives on the land and forms bulbs that are adaptable to winter. Orchid plants that have quite a lot of variation, you can choose at will with a variety of colors. But usually dominated by the color of soft purple flowers and has a unique shape in the middle. 


Philodendron Brandtianum

Thus, unique variation of Brandtianum attracts attention with each leaf that is olive. Olive patterns are magnetic silvery ribbons that are wide between their blood vessels. Philodendron is popular because it can grow quickly in good condition. Beautiful plants if hung or as a centerpiece of a supported table that is placed. Philodendron Brandtianum is the right plant to place in a dim space because it keeps variegation in low light.


Of the many ornamental Caladiums, Caladium plants with a heart shape and an easy green color filled with white patches are often dubbed with carousels. The plant that originated in Brazil and spread throughout the world formed tubers such as taro. A special feature of this ornamental plants is that slippery leaves containing this wax layer look beautiful and shiny.  

Mosntera Adansonii

Ornamental plant are Monstera Adansonii that can grow quickly with a fairly fantastic height in the space of six months. To have his ornamental plant, you can use it to be used as an indoor or outdoor plant. Plants that are the prima donna of many people include tropical ornamental plants and have air roots that grow down from the stems. Make sure you take care of it lovingly with proper lighting, soil, watering and moisture.


Calathea Lancifolia

This plant known as Calathea Lancifolia has the correct botanical name, Geoppertia Insignis. Beautiful plants with tapered and sharp leaves at the ends, have a deep green color with a  mixture of black and slightly white all over the surface of the leaves. This plant is one of the favorite plants of many people, of the Calathea variety that has much other uniqueness.



 This plant native to Southeast Asia is very exotic as an exotic forest plant. Rhaphidophora is suitable to be used as an ornamental plant for the reason of its easy growing process. You can place this plant near the window for maximum sun irradiation. The ideal temperature of this plant is between 12-29 degrees Celsius. This plant will grow at dawn in moist potted soil and have drainage and is rich in organic fertilizers.

Mix Plant at Home

Of the many plants, the owner this time placed all the plant on top in one area. Starting from Caladium, Peace Lily, Orchid, Staghorn Fern to other beautiful hanging plants.

You can place this plant in one area on condition that it still has a circulation and light space that can grab them. So that this plant will grow healthy and fertile to make the interior of the house more beautiful.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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