Domino Peace Lily Growing Information

Domino Peace Lily Growing Information -- What distinguishes the domino peace lily plant is its foliage. Peace lily dominoes have plain green leaves to elongate, with spots and white splashes on their shiny leaves. Domino peace lily is a tropical and green plants that grows well on the forest floor that receives sunlight and consistent humidity. If you are starting this peace lily domino plant, it is better to first consider the treatment that you will enjoy throughout the year.

Improve the care aspect of domino peace lily, starting where they plant


Where to grow domino peace lily plants are best in cool and shady areas to help with good development. Windows are one of the best areas to pace plants within 3-4 hours of the sun. You can keep away from AC, because this plant prefers a tropical climate for its growth.

Improve the care aspect of domino peace lily starting from the ground


To increase the growth of domino peace lily well, you need to pay attention to one of these ways. By using fertile soil such as a mixture of a little sand, compost and peat. You can see guides for good soil mixing in various articles or by mixing it yourself.



Don't let your peace lily dominoes wither and die. This plant like evenly moist soil. You can keep the soil moisture of this plant consistently remained, careful so as not to get too much water.  You can simply water it when the sol surface is completely dry.



To get the best flowers from this lily plant, you need to fertilize peace lilies every 15-20 days in the summer. Fertilizer of liquid ornamental plants with a combination of 20-20-20 dilute.

Prune plants


This method becomes very necessary to make the peace lilies plant so beautiful. Cut leaves that wither and look to have a disease. You can find out the disease of this plant with the characteristic of brown leaves.



When your plants start to grow and grow in a small container. It's time to move the plant into a large pot. The beginning of the season is the best time to transplant peace lilies into beautiful.

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