7 Outdoor Living Room


Helloshabby.com -- Outdoor living room trends are growing in popularity this year. If you have space on the terrace, you can create an amazing outdoor living room. No need for excessive decoration, you just need to provide chairs and tables for a place to gather with family to your closest friends.

Interested in using an outdoor living room design? Here is an example of 7 outdoor living rooms that can inspire you.

Dramatic outdoor living room


 You can bring outdoor living room decoration in the form of a a series of cafe-style lights to create a dramatic atmosphere at night. Combine it with a swing, up ti the chair as a fun gathering place.

Outdoor living room with hanging plants


Give a tropical touch to the design of your outdoor living room. The use of hanging plants in addition to refreshing also managed to make the appearance of the living room more beautiful.

Outdoor living room near the pool


The refreshing view from the pool can be enjoyed with your dear family. This outdoor living room is designed with an aesthetic expose brick wall exterior. So that the overall design of the outdoor living room offers maximum comfort.

Outdoor living room with roster walls


The use of a variety of roster wall materials can make your outdoor living room look more elegant. There roster wall allows air circulation and natural lighting to enter through the cracks of the holes. So that the living room feels cooler.

Outdoor living room combination garden corner of the terrace


Do you have limited space? Inspiration for the following outdoor living room design you can make as a reference. The minimalist garden is designed to be in the corner of the terrace that serves as a sweetener look. While a set of wooden chairs completes the perfection of your outdoor living room.

Modern outdoor living room


The following outdoor living room design is modern with a blend of wood, glass, and iron materials. The use of large glass windows makes for a luxurious look. Combine it with a minimalist style chair to get a more modern impression.

Outdoor living room with transparent roof


The inspiration for the last outdoor living room uses a transparent glass roof. So that natural light can enter optimally throughout the day. Combine with vines in the canopy for a more shady and cool living room.

That's review of 7 outdoor living rooms that can inspire you. Which design is your favorite?

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