7 Pothos Goals Ideas for Stylish Your Home Interior


7 Pothos Goals Ideas for Stylish Your Home Interior

Helloshabby.com -- Indoor gardening is still one of the popularity of many people. Inspired by the concept of the dominant urban jungle with fresh green color, you can apply it in the house with a different combination shape. Well there is one beautiful plant that can be used as a filler in the interior of the space, namely the Golden Photos plant. This plant is one of the plants that are very suitable for beginners or lovers of ornamental plants. You can see what kind of decoration is good and produce a fresh interior concept with greenery. Here's the review:

Golden pothos plant along the bookshelf


As some scientist have researched, plants can help restore the mind and aid in the restoration of peace of mind. So to make your interior at home more bold and refreshing. This golden photos plant can be one of the tips. Place this vine all over the bookshelf or reading area, so that the impression of shade and cool can look beautiful.


Urban jungle bedrooms


To create the concept of the dominant urban jungle in the house. This time you determine the area in the house, one of which is this bedroom. Place the hanging model plant until it is in a pot that is on one of the walls of the room. Be sure to provide extra lighting so that sunlight enters the space to the maximum.


 Simple golden pothos at the hallway door


Still in the interior of the house, you can make golden pothos plants look beautiful and simple with the following decorations. Choose any type of golden pothos that grow, creeping and traveling to various corners of the room.

Hang it on the ceiling of the room


Without realizing it, the concept of urban jungle in the house is very easy to try. One of them is in any room. You can try an interesting new way to try. Place ornamental plants in the middle of the ceiling of the room like this. You can use the rope to hood the vines.

Golden pothos in TV cabinet


Unbeknownst to you, making the interior look beautiful is not much in many ways. Choose this plant concept to make ornamental plants fill the void in the home area. One of them is a TV cabinet that can add beautiful and more decoration visuals.

Throughout the interior of the house

patch plants

Make the interior of your home an interesting new experience. Well you can model one of the plant ideas that are the main goal to get an attractive design. Just choose plants that are easy to care, like this golden pothos. You can place this thoroughly in the interior of the room on the ceiling. Combine it with other hanging plants that are beautiful and more refreshing.


Stylish pothos in semi-open spaces

patch plants

The next last area is the dining room. Semi-open concept due to the maximum lighting of the window of this space can give a clean and bright effect. Golden pothos plants are placed in one area and allowed to spread to the corner of the cabinet and left to hang beautifully.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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