7 Small Kitchen Table Ideas for Your Home

Helloshabby.com -- It's not that cool if you have to stand next to the sink to enjoy a cup of coffee or a noddle cup that you have made. Therefore, a small kitchen, either a small, narrow kitchen or a large kitchen requires a special table to enjoy a cup of coffee, breakfast to quick dinner.

Fortunately, there are ways to add a small kitchen table to the smallest space. So, your kitchen won't look more piled up and stuffy. Here are, we've gathered 7 Small Kitchen Table Ideas for Your Home.

1. Add a ledge table 


Ledge is an incredibly useful table, even for a small-kitchen space. Simply, you can install a piece of wood in the empty-corner right next to the kitchen. Pair with stools which can be tucked under the table, thus keeping the house tidy. This ledge table will make you have a mini bar table right in front of the kitchen. 

2. Sleek wooden table


If you are a minimalist, a small kitchen with a minimalist arrangement will not look excessive with the addition of a small table in it. Pick a small table with sleek design that perfect for a minimalist kitchen. Choose one that have a same color or same materials with kitchen furniture. You can use it as breakfast table while completing your work deadlines. 

3. Try a round table 


A round table with a couple of chairs underneath will give the impression of a street cafĂ©. Choose a petite table that won't make your small kitchen look crowded. If you can, choose chairs with a shape like a piece of cake that can be tucked under table. 

4. Elongated kitchen table


A sleek and multipurpose dining table like this is also suitable for a minimalist home. The table design can be pulled when you want to use it and pushed it after use. This table is also very fitting positioned near the pantry. After brewing coffee, you can enjoy it directly at this table kitchen. 

5. Installing a folding table


This folding table is perfect for small kitchens with slim and narrow spaces. This folding table is mounted on a wall that you can pull out and arrange when you use it. The table holder is also equipped with shelves to store some kitchen utensils. It's such a handy and versatile small table for a small kitchen. 

6. Double duty of kitchen island


A small kitchen may look stuffy with a table and a kitchen island. Why not just put them together? You can use an island as prep-table as well as dining table. Just pull up some stools and here it is you'll have an instant and practical dining table.

7. Another a small folding table


This folding table is perfect for providing a special spot for your morning coffee or enjoying your breakfast. This table will keep the floor space clear without the table legs filling the floor. When folded, this table still keeps your small kitchen spacious and airy. 

That's all for 7 Small Kitchen Table Ideas for Your Home. Hopefully, you get inspired from those ideas.. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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