9 Best Citrus Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Pots

Helloshabby.com -- Having tiny fruits all around the house are fun. Moreover, you can enjoy ripe fruit in time. Our image of fruit trees is a big, tall tree in a large open area. But this is no longer in the case. There are also several types of plants that can be grown in small pots or container, perfect for small-space gardener. 

One of the plants that grows easily in pots is the citrus tree. Citrus is the fruit of a million people. What's special is that there are many variants of citrus fruit tress that can grow well in pots, what are they? Check out the answer at 9 Best Citrus Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Pots

Calamondin Orange


Calamondin orange is an acid citrus fruit that originates from China. This citrus tree is more widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. Because it can grow well in pot or container. Even so, calamondin can be eaten whole, similarly way of using a lemon. Provide direct sunlight for several hours daily to keep it to grow better.

Kaffir Lemon Tree

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Citrus hystrix is also called as the kaffir lime or makrut lime. Kaffir lime has a bumpy texture's fruits with a dark-green leaves color. This plant can grow 2-5 feet in a pot. The aromatic leaves and its fruit juice is often used for Thai, Indonesian, and Cambodian cuisine. It's a good container fruit tree for a home chef. 



Kumquat at first glance look like orange. The most easily recognizable difference is that you don't have to peel off its skin. Kumquat has flesh tend to be sour, while the skin is sweet and can be consumed directly. They also tolerate of cool condition.

To plant a kumquat tree in a pot, you need a pot 60 cm (23'') in diameter. It can also use smaller pots between 20-30 cm (10-11"), but you should replace the pot as the plant gets bigger. A humus or ordinary compost soil will make the plant grow. Just make sure the pot has a good drainage hole, so the water won't inundate the planting media. 

Mandarin Tree


Mandarin tree is one type of orange citrus that is small size in size. Mandarins only has a width of about 4 to 8 centimeters. It grows widely in tropical regions, including parts of China, Brazil, Spain, and the Philippines. Mandarins grow well in full sun and warmth temperature. If you want to grow it in a cold climate, save them from low winter temperatures, especially the cold winds.



Lemon is a very popular citrus. This acidic plant can also grow well in pots, almost in all parts of the world. Make sure the pot you choose has drainage holes. Lemons also need consistent and regular watering. Too dry planting medium will make the lemon leaves fall off. Lemons also need full sun, so you better place them in the sunniest part of your home, like garden, balcony or even windowsills. 



Yuzu is famous for fragrant aroma and tartness. The fruits have a dark-yellow color. They also have a lumpy texture. Some stems and twigs are thorny. The plant can grow 4-6 feet in a pot. For some people, yuzu fruit taste is like the taste of between lemon and lime. 

Key Lime Tree 

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Key lime tree also known as Mexican or Indian lime. They can thrive in container, perfect for a small-space gardener. This citrus plant has beautiful fragrant flowers, dark green leaves and small-green yellow lime fruits.

Australian Finger Lime


Finger lime is unusual looking citrus that look like caviar, if you hit the end of the fruit. That's why, this citrus tree is also known as "Caviar Citrus". The shape of the fruit is oval with a size of 4-8 cm, like an adult finger. They can grow in about 4-7 feet tall in pots. 

Hopefully those 9 Best Citrus Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Pots is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about citrus fruit trees. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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