Minimalist Home Tour - A realistic home with green interior decor -- We don't want to present home inspiration that is difficult for people to realize. We want those inspirations, not just wishful thinking. Therefore, we deliberately present minimalist house ideas that are simple and easy to realize. Like this minimalist house with all-green decorations. 

This minimalist house looks more colorful and not so stiff. Properly placed green decorations and furniture add freshness and life to the room. So, if you want to know the full design of this home, keep reading for Minimalist Home Tour - A realistic home with green interior decor.

The best arrangement for a small living room 

photo by @gibranfarel25

Let's start from the living room. The living room is a place for entertaining and talking with your friends and guests. Even if you have a small living room, make it look so neat, clean and sleek. You can place the sofa and rug as the center of the living room. On the left and right sides of the sofa there are stacking shelves for displaying ornamental item. The arrangement makes the living room look more balance and pleasant to look at. 

Small TV Room Ideas

Another living space for watching television. You can make it look so simple, cozy and green by designing it exactly like this one. You just need to provide a simple, white TV console table with drawer. Besides the sofa, you can place a green rug as seating or furniture that makes the small TV room morel lively and warm. 

The bathroom decor ideas

photo by @gibranfarel25

Make the bathroom look one unit with the interior concept of the house. Try placing a plant sticker on the bathroom door. Also put green mats, and cacti plant that grow upright as greenery and room fresheners. Everything is green, making this white base living space more lively and colorful. 

Vibrant green kitchenette

Kitchen is a place for you to prepare a hearty meal for your loved one. You can make the kitchen look vibrant and so green, far away from gloomy impression. The kitchen uses a permanent countertop model that leaves empty-space underneath. The empty-space was neatly covered with green mini curtain with a vibrant tropical foliage pattern. Green kitchen appliances are also enlivening the feel and look of this kitchenette. 

Green and white are a perfect match

photo by @gibranfarel25

Don't overdo it when decorating with the green. Too much green will make you feel suffocated. It is a good idea to pair the white and green together. The white comes as base color that will ready to color up. Then, you can choose green soft furnishings as accent on the bedroom. Green and white provide the perfect combination and soothing eyes. 

On-floor-bed for kid's bedroom

Having a small bedroom? You don't need to worry about the space size. Rather than using a bed that will take spaces, you can choose on-floor-bed design like this one. A single bed without bed frame is more safety, and making the bedroom more spacious. Get creative with the walls by creating a unique tent drawing on the walls. It will boost the creativity of children.

Green corner for laundry room

photo by @gibranfarel25

Don't let the corner of the house go unnoticed. You can use it as a small and minimalist laundry room. You can place furniture in green, a houseplant and even a green Keroppi character. If you want to be more practical, just place artificial plants into the room. Spread the white gravels on the sewer area to make it more natural. 

That's all for Minimalist Home Tour - A realistic home with green interior decorHopefully those ideas  is useful for you. You can adapt one or some ideas for your home. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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