The 7 Best Hanging Plants of 2021


The 7 Best Hanging Plants of 2021 -- After you run out of places on the plant or on the planting rack. The next logical place that you can make a place for greenery is the walls and ceiling of the house. Hanging plants are very functional to be and addition to decoration in a more natural home. In addition, you can adjust hanging plants in the house with the shape of space to secure from pets and children.

When planning to choose the concept of hanging plants, you can ascertain the size of the plant and the place of the plant not far from the window area for irradiation.

You can find the best hanging plants in 2021 below:



You can beautify the appearance or the interior of exterior of your home with hanging plants. Like other cacti plants, succulent plants do not need much water, so they can live on low humidity and are hear-resistant.

You can choose succulent plants of Sedum Morganium, string of pearls to beautify ruby necklace.


Hoya Macrophylla


Hoya Macrophyylas plant is known as wax plant that propagates succulent and long-lived. This plant has flowers that last long enough to give off a fragrant aroma at night. Make sure you take good care of it and pay attention to the lighting, temperature, humidity, fertilizer and propagation when it is large.

English Ivy


The next hanging plant that you can choose to make the room, so fresher is English Ivy. Plants that can thrive both in bright and indirect light have variegated leaves. With humid conditions and consistent temperatures, this plant is able to maintain its dark color and green leaves.

Peperomia Prostrata


Peperomia prostrata is a type of hanging peperomia plant with oval shaped leaves that grows in a stratified size. Leaves with a light green color that looks like a turtle shell grow vines with stems that are colored as red.

Golden Photos


Golden photos are one type of vine that can be a fast body with green leaves that are refreshing. Plant that can overcome poor air quality are very appropriate to be placed in the interior of the house to the office. Plant that still have good conditions if placed in this room are very suitable to be used as ornamental plants for beginners.



Of some types of Peperomia, you can choose a suitable one to be used as a hanging plant. This Peperomia plant you can choose the type of Peperomia Argyreia with a unique leaf shape has a smooth surface and resembles watermelon skin. When compared to the type of Peperomia, watermelon peperomia leaves are quite wide with a pointed tip.

Another type of Peperomia is the American baby rubber plant, which has a dark green leaf color and sparkles like succulent.

Philodendron Micans


Philodendron plant is almost similar to betel plants because it grows by propagandizing. This plant is perfect for growing in hanging pots. Plants with the shape of a slightly pursed  heart leaf at the bottom look brighter. Different rods also have a long propagation. To maximize its growth, Philodendron Micans are highly tolerable with mini-light and sunlight. You can place this plant in a shady are that is not exposed to direct sunlight.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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