10 Most Stunning Pink House Ideas: Small yet so Stylish

Helloshabby.com -- No matter how small it is, you can get a beautiful pink house. Like this two-story pink house. This house is the result of renovation of a small house measuring 3x11 meters. The house is made of two floors in a shabby-chic style that looks sweet, soft and soothing. Besides being beautiful, the two-story model allows the owner to have more space for family housing.

Well, if you are interested or want to renovate a small, slim and budget-efficient two-story house, you can take a look at these 10 Most Stunning Pink House Ideas: Small yet so Stylish as your inspirations.

Attractive pink fa├žade design


The house This house building is only 3 meters wide (118.11''). But the owner dares to display an exterior design that is different from the others. The house is built on two-story design with manual and permanent stripes finishing on the exterior walls. The exterior color of the house uses a sweet and soft pink color. The owner said that she used 6 types of paint, both for interior and exterior.  

Fence in front of the house

This house fence uses a hollow iron fence design. The privacy is added by installing fiber or special cover with a floral pattern that looks in line with the exterior concept of the house. The fence is built high enough to provide the homeowner's privacy and safety. 

Lovely Pink Front Terrace


Entering the home area, you'll be welcomed with this beautiful minimalist pink terrace. Long-term investment can be applied to the selection of tiled floors or vintage pink motif ceramics. This floor adds a charming visual appeal, even though if the terrace is small. 

Small and elegant pink living room

There is no too much pink in this house. The owner on purpose to paint the wall in a light and neutral color, so the pink things on the living room will look so wow. You can get a pink sofa with a pink chair, a pink curtain and pink decorations. The combination of pink furniture with gold-colored legs is an important factor to create a mature and elegant pink living room. 

Open kitchen with galley layout


A small house indeed is good in open-plan design. You can make an open-space like this one above. The kitchen have a versatile mini bar table that make in permanent model. The mini bar table can be used as prep-table, breakfast-table and a kitchen divider with other space. 

Make use of the space under the stairs

Take advantage of the empty-space under the stairs into a functional storage. This area is right in front of the kitchen, so it can be used as a special place for a refrigerator, a water dispenser, and some storage shelves. The refrigerator is also beautified with pink gradation stickers, so all of these things will look so good in pink vibe color. 

Pink Small Master Bedroom Ideas


The small master bedroom, although small, it can look so charming. A pastel color bedsheet with mosaic pattern made the room more colorful. There is still enough space to put a hanging dresser complete with a pink beautiful chair. This hanging dresser save spaces and does not make the space more crowded and stuffy. 

Small but pleasant bedroom

A pink bedroom doesn't always look childish. It can look so elegant like this bedroom above. On floor mattress makes the room feel and look so spacious. The additional work desk next to the bed adds a vibrancy to the room. The pink desk is also made short, so its height does not imbalance with the bed beside it. 

Bathroom with glass partition


When you take a shower, then seeing a toilet on it, this can lead to discomfort. You can install a glass partition that look like a glass and aluminum door. Its placement does make the space smaller, but offers the desired privacy and comfort in a small bathroom. 

That's all for 10 Most Stunning Pink House Ideas: Small yet so Stylish. Hopefully, these various ideas are useful for you. Tell us what do you think about this pink houses by leaving a comment in our Facebook Fan page! Don't forget to share with your friend or your loved one! 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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