6 Gorgeous Green Kitchens for a Better Cooking Mood

Helloshabby.com --Your mood affects cooking. When you are in a happy and cheerful mood, the taste of your food will automatically taste better. On the other hand, if you feel sad, gloomy or angry, you may not achieve the best taste or a certain sense of satisfaction from your cooking.

Keep your cooking mood good by designing a gorgeous green kitchen. Green kitchens tend to bring a calming feeling like the feel of nature. It can also bring a positive vibe when you're cooking. So, for a better mood, here are 6 Gorgeous Green Kitchens for a Better Cooking Mood.

Bright lemon-green walls with wooden furniture


There are many shades of green, which you can try in the kitchen. Our first recommendation is a lemon-green color for the kitchen wall paint. This color gives the impression of a bright and cheerful kitchen. Perfect it by choosing wooden kitchen furniture with a softer natural color. The light-brown furniture will tone down the flashy impression of the lemon-green color. 

Single-wall kitchen design with green kitchen furniture


No matter how small or how the layout of your kitchen, green will give its own charm. This kitchen cabinets in shades of green will give you new energy. The green color application is not too dominant, but it is enough to make it a focal point in this single-wall kitchen design.

Green kitchen with casual combination


White and green is a casual combination that never gets boring for a kitchen. White gives the impression of a more spacious and bright space. Meanwhile, green gives the renewal and refreshing feeling to the kitchen. You can apply green from the floor to the kitchen ceiling. That way, this green and white kitchen looks very harmonious. 

Festive and low-budget green kitchen design


If you like festive and low-budget green kitchen designs, try this kitchen design. Green walls look good combined with ceramic countertops and wooden cabinets in dark brown tones. Liven up the green wall with ornaments and functional objects, such as floating spice rack, floating potted-plants and decorative frames. 

High-end green kitchen design


You can keep the happy mood when cooking with this high-end green kitchen design. The lemon green cabinetry look great together with the modern kitchen appliances around it. The kitchen backsplash in a bright and glossy lime green ceramic tiles makes a more charming green kitchen. This kitchen design will remind of you a fresh of lemonade juice.

Simple green kitchen design


Green is a pretty eye-catching color. Therefore, do not overdo it in applying it to the kitchen. The green cabinet will look better with countertops in white. Green walls would be better with a white backsplash. White balances the eye-catching green. But you can add some pattern on the kitchen to add a dynamic look into the kitchen. 

Hopefully, those 6 Gorgeous Green Kitchens for a Better Cooking Mood are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about green kitchen designs. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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