7 Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas for Your Home Interior

7 Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas for Your Home Interior

Helloshabby.com -- If you know, green is one of many people's favorite colors. In addition to being a favorite of many people, the green color gives a cool effect and a calm feel for the interior of the room. Especially the part of the bedroom that is the most important place in the house, you can use a green interior so that the bedroom looks smooth but with the right combination.

Some of these green bedroom ideas you can try to apply at home following the reviews:


 Bed less bedroom with green interior


Limited size for bedrooms in the house can be accessed in several ways. One of them uses the concept of a mattress without a bed so that it looks spacious. With a blend of fresh bright green, you can maximize beautiful decoration with a keropi theme for your child's room at home. Give festive decorations with attractive wallpaper to be charming and beautiful.


Green bedroom interior with a classic theme


The combination of classic themes with green warrants gives new energy to your new day. Green color that is not too dominant you can apply on the surface of the wall, a little color in the bed linen and also furniture bedroom. So that maximal, you can put ornamental plants so that your room is not stuffy and smelly.


Warm deep green bedroom design


Beautify the interior of your bedroom with a fresh green color. The design of a green bedroom decorated with sweet polka dot star shape you can make inspiration. Bedroom without headboard is quite dynamic for a small room size. You can make sure some simple decoration to make the interior of the room more charming.


Green bedroom interior with color gradation


The interior of the bedroom that allows to be applied green is the wall. This time you can try a new design by adding wall gradations in the form of irregular lines for an elegant impression. Equate the selection of other interiors in the bed linen with tropical motifs to flowers-themed decorations that looks aesthetic.


Give a pattern for a simple green bedroom


To create the perfect bedroom at a small size, you can add a patterned touch in the bed linen or the use of other decorations. Like geometric patterns in the bed less bed linen section, you can place a mattress near the window to create a broad impression. Apply thorough green for the concept of a dynamic and aesthetic-looking space.


Small green bedroom with simple decoration


One thing that can prevent you from arranging a bedroom in the house because the size is too small. Even to put a sleeping mattress it feels too tight to the end of the wall. But this is not a problem, you can use a fresh interior to remove the stuffy impression with fresh green color. Add some beautiful decorations on the wall with wall-art themed look unique with the addition of ornamental plants.


A simple bedroom without a bed



The concept of mattresses placed at the bottom without a bed is very effective for small space sizes. You can simply use the interior of a fresh green space with a city theme using wallpaper. Complete with aesthetic decoration and other soothing bright colors.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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