7 Amazing Garden Ideas for Stacked Pots


7 Amazing Garden Ideas for Stacked Pots

Helloshabby.com -- You may not have too much space to put your own plants in one area. Maybe this interesting ideas you can take advantage of by making a pounded pot that will look attractive if viewed. The idea of a container garden with a stacked model is not only once used, some gardeners prefer to use the stacked pots to maximize land and have many plants in one place. Check out the following 7 Amazing Garden Ideas for Stacked Pots:

DIY hanging plants in stacked pots


This idea that you can choose to fill stacked pots at home is hanging plants. This type of plant is very easy for you to plant in any space with easy care, such as English Ivy, String of heart or other type of Portulaca plants that have beautiful flowers and tend to have dense green leaves.

Ornamental plants stacked with striking colors


Different touches in the corner of the house you can beautify with this plant. Beautiful three-tier plants such as morning glory with purple and pink charm can add extraordinary charm to the interior of the room or the main door in the house. This will not be boring when other season changes because of the beautiful look you can enjoy throughout the day.

DIY herbs in stacked pots


Without reducing the balance of the environment, doing creative activities to organize the park, you can try young using stacked DIY pots like this.

Herbal plants such as mint, parsley, rosemary and basil you can try here. Do not have to be piled high, just 3 pots to distinguish each herbal plant with writing so that it is easy when needed.

Strawberry in a stacked pot


If you want to choose fruit plants, strawberries that grow in areas that are quite moist or highland like this, you can choose to be planted in stacked pots. One pot that has 4 holes, you can arrange neatly for and fit the existing hole so as not to fall easily.

Beautiful succulent in stacked pots


Beautiful and strong, stacked pots contain succulent plants of various types such as string of pearls, Sedum Burito, Haworthia and other. You can make an excellent succulent combination for apartment owners who don't have time to flush them every day. Choose a pot with a strong material so that it does not break easily when falling or buffeted by the wind.

Brazilian philodendron in stacked pot


In addition to succulent, you can choose other hanging plants, such as the type of Brazilian Philodendron that grows. This is quite different from the previous model, you can stack 3 pots, but only with one plant at the top only. It is very suitable and recommended for beginners lovers of ornamental plants who do not know the care of plants in detail.

Ornamental flowers with stacked pots


This adorable plant you can make yourself at home by making a type of flower or just with a different color. Using a string concrete pot, a large size is selected so that it can accommodate many plants on it. Starting from ornamental plants with white, yellow, orange from above, this looks attractive and will be beautiful if it thrives and is dense.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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