Small Kitchen Ideas: Traditional Kitchen Designs -- Traditional kitchen designs remain popular and still have the lot of enthusiasts, for good reason. Traditional kitchen design is synonymous with strong character and has a charming design. This kitchen a design that is timeless and never boring.

Interested in implementing that traditional kitchen concept? Here are the small kitchen ideas: Traditional kitchen designs that can inspire you!

Traditional outdoor kitchen

Carrying the outdoor concept is suitable for those of you who want a cooler traditional kitchen. Moreover, the use of furniture dominated by environmentally friendly materials also makes the room more homey. The cooking experience is even more enjoyable with beautiful garden views.

Traditional kitchen with dining room


The design of the kitchen filled with wood material above is made near dining room. So that both activities can run more effectively and efficiently. For luxurious design, you can use backsplash with charming mosaic ceramics.

Traditional kitchen with wooden shelves


To make the small traditional kitchen brighter, you can replace the top cabinet with a wooden shelf. Wooden patching shelves you can use as decoration and to put various kitchen supplies to be more organized. Also bring greenery for a cooler kitchen atmosphere.

Traditional kitchen with carved wood cabinets


A touch of wood material never fails to make the kitchen design more elegant. The advantages of wood materials are easier to make charming design creations. Wall cabinets are made with carvings that make the kitchen more artistic.

Traditional kitchen industrialist touch


Present a cafe-style kitchen you can present in your own home. Traditional kitchen design with a combination of unfinished wall interiors makes the atmosphere of the room more elegant. Dark cabinet colors and natural wood color combinations add to the kitchen atmosphere more dramatically.

Those are some small traditional kitchen designs that can inspire you. From the design above, which is your favorite? I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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