7 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Living Room With Plants


Helloshabby.com -- Your living room defines the decors taste you have. This room is one of the most frequently used rooms with your family. The living room should be your attractive design and certainly full of comfort.

Well, indoor plants decorations becomes the best ideas idea to decorate your living room. Besides being beautiful, the presence of greenery also brings a cooler atmosphere. Here are 7 gorgeous ways to decorate your living room with plants that can inspire you!

1. Fill an empty corner of the living room

Greenery is one of the prettiest decorations to decorate the corner of your living room. The best tip, choose a plant with a size that matches the angular capacity the available space.

2. Put plants on a sofa


If usually next to the sofa is left empty, you can plant for a more attractive room look. A suitable plant recomemmendation is is the ZZ plant.

3.The living room is more alive with plants


For modern living room design, using greenery as decoration can make the room look more alive. For plant recommendations, you can choose a snake plant that has a beautiful leaf shape and is also good air air filters.

4. Plants as a living room table sweetener


If you usually put artificial flowers as a sweeter for the living room table, you can replace them with refreshing greenery. Combine with terracotta pots for a more natural atmosphere.

5. Beautiful living room with terracotta pots

Not only choose the appropriate type of plant, you should not miss the plant pots that are also available in various shapes and sizes. The above vintage-style living room uses  terracotta pots that give a more natural look. Terracotta pots are also more suitable when you combine theme with a beautiful cactus.

6. Plants near the window

Putting plants near the window becomes an interesting layout ideas that you can try. Plants can also get maximum sun nutrients.

7. Using a standing pot


For the variety of living room decoration, there is nothing wrong if you try to put plants on a standing pot. You can use rattan materials for a living room that is more integrated with nature.

That's 7 gorgeous ways too decorate your living room with plants that can inspire you. I hope this information is useful to you. Thank you.

 Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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