7 Beautiful Best 'Elephant Ear' or Colocasia Plant Varieties


7 Beautiful Best 'Elephant Ear' or Colocasia Plant Varieties

Helloshabby.com -- Ornamental plants commonly called ears are tropical annual plants that are planter because of their large, heart-shaped leaves. For the most part, these ornamental plants belong to the genus Colocasia, Alocasia anda Xanthosoma that have similar appearance and growing habits.
In contrast to Alocasia, Colocasia is more dominant with the color of the leaves and leaf motifs that arise on the surface. For a little knowledge about the varieties of elephant ear plants of Colocasia type, you can see in the review below:

Colocasia Black Magic


The first variety is Colocasia black magic. Plants that have back-to-back color are amazing at the beginning of growth. With a plum maroon color, but as we age, this plant becomes purple to black.
Plants that can grow about 50 cm tall have strong leaves shape day by growing lush. You can put it in a slightly humid room by paying attention to the lighting that is slightly bright.

Colocasia Mojito


The name of this popular Colocasia type plant has green leaves with a thoroughly speckled red wine. This colocasia mojito can grow in moist soils about 1 m. Tall, a relatively easy plant to grow in the UK for months in the summer. This colocasia will produce stone leaves because the older leaves are sucked.

Colocasia Midnight


Ornamental plants type colocasia midnight looks beautiful with the shape of liver leaves like taro in general. But with a striking difference you can find in this midnight colocasia from the color of the black leaves in the middle of the leaves to almost thorough. But the leaf bones of this midnight colocasia have a slightly striking color of silvery white.

 Colocasia Black Marble


Next is the black marble colocasia which is slightly similar to the midnight colocasia. Form the shape of the leaves to a beautiful color with slightly similar motifs and patches. But if it looks detailed, this colocasia has a beautiful and shiny leaf color in the sun. The color of the black leaves with a little interesting green is mixed into one inside the center of the leaf.

Colocasia White Lava


This colocasia white lava ornamental plant is included in the araceae plant, which has the scientific name colocasia esculenta. Plants with large leaves grow in tropical forest as their natural habitat. This plant includes rare plants that are difficult to find. It grows well in environments with high humidity and is not too hot. This plant is beautiful and can attract attention, has a distinctive creamy white middle vein and spreads beyond as the plant grow mature. 

Colocasia Black Coral


This type becomes the target of ornamental lovers because of its small size with a unique leaf shape. Shiny and very much the center of attention for the room interior. This black coral colocasia has a black leaf color and a little purple on the edges of beautiful leaf bones like paintings. Not only the leaves but the stems also have a black color. This plant can grow 120 cm tall and wide 90 cm. This plant is also very tolerant to sunlight, and likes moisture and wet soil but not excessive.

Colocasia Pharaohsmask


This plant is one of the hybrids that is very interesting and so beautiful. This species has a strange dark V vein in each leaf. This plant can grow about 4 to 5 feet tall. With stalks of dark black leaves and every dark green leaf that is always dazzling. This becomes one of the attractions of plants with black veins that contrast and stand out like the 3D effect.

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