7 Beautiful Indoor Water Garden Ideas from Instagram

 Helloshabby.com - Get cool and lively indoor with take a place of some plants. With these 7 Beautiful Indoor Water Garden Ideas from Instagram will surely tempt to make it by yourself. Besides easy to put together and work wonderfully in small space, this water garden suitable in urban home that has minimalist home and small size of room.

Bamboo Plants in A Jar


Take a place of bamboo plants to decorate your room area. Cut some young bamboo to grow at container or jar. Choose an acrylic jar or other used container for media. Then, put some corals to place at the bottom of the jar, and then fill the jar with water. Put bamboo in this water jar to grow the root.


Get the Water Plants Near the Window


If you wanna grow the plants with nicely, you can pay more attention to keep the plants grow well. One of which is put the water plants or garden near the light source, like window, door, the place that have transparent roof and other. This way can keep the air at indoor get fresh every time.


Mini Monstera adansonii Planting at Indoor


Grow Monstera adansonii at indoor with using water for the media of planting. You can get a jar for the place to grow this plants. Then, get enter this plants at the jar with water to grow well. Put the plants near the window to reach the nutrition that very useful for plant growth.


Grow Avocado in Water Garden


Growth of an avocado at indoor with water base for media? You can try this way, everyone. For the first, get the pits seed of avocado clean with water. Then, you can wrap them up in a paper towel or stick it with toothpicks. Place it under the lamp and near the window to reach the light. Once they crack and start to have a root peek out, place it on a jar or vase that you prepared before.

Monstera deliciosa


Growing monstera with water for the media sounds good. The monstera keeps super well in water, but like all the plants, it cannot stay in the water for permanently. The ideal is to have it a maximum of one year and then plants it in the ground to prevent it from weakening due to lack of nutrients.


Use Hanging Water Plants at Indoor


No space area at indoor to put your plants? Don't worry, used hanging plants for placing the plants at indoor. With the plant's growth in a water jar, you can get rope to hang the jar. Hanging this plants at the window, or you can create the twig for the buffer of hang plants.


Beautiful Tree philodendron, Grow in Water


Growing tree philodendron that has big size at indoor? Why not? You can try this way to make fresh your room every time. Apply to growth this plant in water for the media. Then, get it at the place that can reach light for the nutrition of plants to grow well.

That are 7 Beautiful Indoor Water Garden Ideas from Instagram that can implementing in the home and make you inspire. Hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice day, everyone.

Hopefully those  home ideas  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home interior idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yuniar
Editor       : Munawaroh
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